Happy Thanksgiving! Our Menu and Other Stuff

This year will be the 2nd that we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  Some of the extended family from Iowa haven’t been able to come the last 2 years and we have friends that have no extended family close.  Our house has the next biggest family room, so it’s logical.  And  Grandma (Shane’s Grandma) doesn’t over extend herself.  We LOVE having gatherings at our place.   

I thought it would be fun to post our menu for Thanksgiving and traditions and see what everyone else did for the occasion.  At our house, everyone pitches in, so no one is overwhelmed with kitchen duties all week our 3 oldest are helping too).   We make one long table  and use large Chinet plates, served buffet style from the kitchen island.  This year I will have the punch bowl out, but I will also have the larger plastic cups available for those that want more than a little punch glass will hold.  I would LOVE to do an elaborate table, but, imo, ease is more important when it involves a lot of people.  Shane will read a historic Thanksgiving day Proclaimation.  And we might all tell what we are thankful for from the past year. 

Oh and we get to do all this in my newly painted great room… my mil and I painted Saturday while the men worked outside.  The younger girls watched Sweet Cheeks.  The back wall is a nice rich red (looks great with our G. Washington print and the Lincoln plates, beside the Constitution and Declaration and our woodstove pipe). The other walls are a light chocolate brown–my own creation after a trip to the hardware store, when I started painting and found the same color going up that was already there .  I got a darker chocolate brown and mixed both together.  The back wall still needs to be done, but the bookcases would have taken way to long to move. 

So here’s the menu:

Shane’s smoked turkey (all night on the smoker–this year there are 2) Absolutely delicious!

cheesy corn casserole (me)

sweet potato casserole (brown sugar, and spices, topped with pecans–me)

green bean casserole –the classic with frozen grean beans instead of canned (little bit)

homemade noodle with gravy over mashed potatoes (grandma and mil)

Stove Top stuffing (me–it’s moist and easy)

Canned Cranbery sauce– it’s tradition!

Grandma’s sweetheart salad (crushed pineapple and cherry jelled salad mixed with cool whip and cream cheese–Bubba)

Pumpkin pie (Princess)

Pecan pie (mil)

fruit salad (family friend)

White grape juice and sprite in the Princess House punch bowl (sil–she travels so this is easy for her.  She’s also helping Grandma with noodles–that’s their tradition). 

Okay… so what’s your menu??? Please comment if you decide to post your Thanksgiving menu and traditions. 

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!  No matter what your place in life at this time, there is something to be thankful about. 

BTW, look for that special announcement after Thanksgiving… that’s when it’ll be coming 🙂


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  1. It appears that our *new* Thanksgiving tradition is to spend it with you! Along with 4th of July…. :o) Thanks so much for sharing your family and special times with us. It means a lot. We appreciate you so much! ((HUGS))


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