The Surprise…

We are in the 1st trimester of an extremely high risk adoption. 

Did you get that?  This is a very long shot.  But God is opening doors and we are committed to walking through them as long as they are open.  KAY is in one of the hardest countries to adopt from.  But our contact there has an excellent relationship with the "right" people… I don’t want to mention the country at this point because I’m not sure I should.  But I will say this country is in Latin America… that gives you a wide variety to pick from but not the specific country.   One of the pluses, travel won’t be near as difficult to this country as to Liberia. 

KAY has what appears to be mild-moderate Cerebral Palsy and could greatly benefit from therapies that she can get in the U.S. that she will not get in her country.  When adoptions happen in this country, it seems that 5 years to get a child home is not out of the norm.  We don’t want to wait that long, for many reasons, but right now she is young enough that we feel with the right help, she can lead a near normal life. 

We have been trying to figure out how to make this work for about 2 months now.  But seem to have fewer answers now than we did when we started.  Isn’t that the way it normally works? 

Option 1– pay lots of money to an agency that has never facilitated an adoption in this country, but is wanting to do so.

Option 2– try doing this independently through their government agency.  We like Option 2 better at this point, but are working on both ends to figure out how to go about it through the proper channels.

So I know you’re waiting for a picture.  Wait no longer…

Isn’t she a cutie????  She is 5 weeks younger than Sweet Cheeks.  I have often thought there would be twins in our future… not sure we’ll get much closer than this.  🙂 

It will be a HUGE miracle if this happens.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for this process.  Also, please pray for Princess.  She has os wanted a sister old enough for her for a long time…  it is bothering her a little not to have that, again. 

We are planning to travel to meet KAY in January.   I got my passport today.  Yippee– it was fast.  One week and 1 after I applied at the post office.  We are hoping to meet with the Social Worker, Judge and Attorney in country when we go visit. 

Again, it seems doors are opening, we’re just not sure how to proceed.  We have been told that the "right" people want to see this happen too.  God’s will, God’s time, God’s perfect plan…


2 thoughts on “The Surprise…

  1. Yes, she is a cutey! I pray that everything goes smoothly so that you can bring this little one up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.



  2. "First trimester of a high risk adoption" – LOVE IT! Will keep you all in prayer.

    As of now, Kansas City is out. The way they had been talking, it was a sure thing. Long story, but something came up and Billy's business partner couldn't get the job. So we are back to square one. But the good news is, things are improving for us here, ever so slightly.


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