An Open Door

We have been wondering exactly how this adoption would work.  Monday morning it seems our answer came.  i got a call from a SW at AWAA that I had talked to a couple of weeks ago.  He had talked to the director and came up with a fee for helping us.  It is EXTREMELY reasonable!!!  They will assist and put their stamp on our paperwork and we will do everything else.  YEHAW!!!!!  It’s possible that we may wait to travel until Feb.  hoping that a court date will be in place by then.  (yes, minor miracle considering how this has been working so far).   

So, yesterday, we completed their application, called our social woker, filled out the I-600A and today I made the appointment with USCIS.  (dept of homeland security) to turn in our application and hopefully get fingerprinting done that same day.  The ball is definately rolling.  Our contact in Latin America said she would ask the judge to publish the notice in the papers there.  It has to publish for 90 days. 

So it looks like things are moving for us to have 5 children.  Scary… and exciting all at the same time.  Gotta love it!         


One thought on “An Open Door

  1. What a beautiful little girl you are praying for to join your family! I will pray that it works out for you without issue.

    I hear you on the adoption / birth mother emotions. I wonder when ds will begin asking questions and how he will truly receive the answers we give him. As he is the only one adopted in our family at least he won't have the added emotions you do with one who sees the BM and the other that doesn't. How tough on those sweet ones.


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