This time of year is always hard for at least 2 of our 4 children. 

This is the time of year when we hear from Princesses birthmother so we can schedule a visit for after Christmas.  It’s hard for me.  And it’s hard on Bubba.  But we do it for Princesses sake.  And I’m glad that BM has kept her promise to stay involved.  It has been very good for Princess and I highly recommend it, no matter how hard it is on Momma.  I

Little Bit has always struggled with the holidays.  And according to a counselor we know, that is not uncommon.  Many adopted children struggle during this time of year.  Yeah! LB is normal. 

Bubba struggles with his BM making a promise that she didn’t keep.  He struggles with wondering where she is.  Why she kept 3 of her children, but not him.  He is angry with her, and I think rightfully so.  She told us she would stay in his life, and she didn’t.  Bubba is curious about her.  Having a picture of her isn’t enough.    This is also a normal part of being an adopted child.  This time of year is hard because he knows that Princess will see his birthmother, but he won’t see or hear anything from his.  He so desperately wants to know– that’s all.  He is all boy, but he is also tender and sweet with a huge heart.  He wants to know if she’s okay.  And for her to know that he is okay. 

There are many discussions within our family during this time of year.  Some late night discussions, with a 9 year old even.   Affirmations spoken that God has put our children exactly where He wants them to be.  Affirmations that birthmothers loved and love even though they have decided to not be involved in our sons life.  Affirmations that short of God calling us home, LB doesn’t have to be afraid that Shane or I are going anywhere.  Affirmations that God has put our family together. 

Praise God, He is mighty and strong and powerful and in His perfect will we have a beautiful family that loves each other dearly.