I Went to Work with “Daddy” and other misc. stuff

Every so often, one of the children will go to work with Daddy.  I’ve never had the priviledge, until last Thursday.  His car was in the shop (yes, we droppeda nice big penny, but this is the car that has over 200,000 miles on it and has never had much more than tires, breaks, tune ups and oil changes, so how can we really complain?  Even now, it was brakes all around, a water pump and a couple of other computer sensors.  One of our friends took the three older children to the homeschool skate and some time before and after, and Sweet Cheeks and I chaufferred Shane around town for the afternoon.  He is within a couple of thousand dollars of the highest year end bonus he can receive, so it was well worth it.  And it was a nice day to be together. 

Little Bit has an ortho appt. today. He sees the dr, in training and also the supervisor today.   Good thing.  We are having a terrible time with this expander, and it looks like the tooth that it is attached to has chipped (crumbled) as well, and now the expander is lose.  We’ve already lost one a few weeks ago, so this is the 2nd one we’ve had trouble with.  Needless to say,we did not adjust it last night, but we didn’t lose ground either, so I guess that’s a plus.  Thursday LB gets his tubes out of his ears.  I am a bit nervous about this, as he’s never been without tubes, so we’ll see if he’s gonna need them again.  I imagine it won’t be long before we know. 

Friday, the older 3 went to The Nutcracker with Grandma, so it was SC’s and me for most of that day too.  Then Saturday, we trimmed our Christmas tree and went into the city to take a contract to another of Shane’s clients… yes, it was worth the trip and he is extremely close to that goal… and we sure could use the extra with the car repairs and a few thousand $$$ going for this adoption in the near future. 

On  the adoption front….we have an appointment with USCIS tomorrow to take our I600 A in, and if I remember right, they’ll also fingerprint us then too.  That will be nearly $1000, 2 application fees, $500, so far we’re at $1500 and change for certified copies of birth certificates, etc. 

So, I’ve been looking forward to catching up on some of the blogs I read since we have been super busy.  My googlereader doesn’t seem to be working… ugh!  So for now,  I’ll just have to wait…


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  1. I'm trying to catch on friends' blogs and just read the details about your pending adoption. Wow! I'm praying that the Lord opens all the right doors. That little girl is a real cutie. I have a friend who adopted a 4-year-old with CP from China – although it wasn't confirmed until after extensive testing here in the states. (The Chinese workers just labeled her as "mentally retarded" – very sad, especially since she really is a bright little girl.) Anyway, I'm confident the Lord will work everything out in His timing just as he did with your little SC.


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