Christmas ramblings

There is a lot on my plate right now.  Between the Christmas  season, adoption stuff, trips to town mainly for Dr. appointments, and things that are beyond my control… like the relationship with my Mother, that is bothering me more than usual during the Christmas season. 

But it is a good Christmas season too.  With Christmas music playing on the local radio station,  Bubba even called in and got on the radio when he requested "Polar Express"  He’s never even seen the movie.  We’ve trimmed the tree last weekend, and had our traditional watching of "White Christmas"  although it was a hard choice because Shane got me "Holiday Inn" for Christmas last year.   It has been a fun season even with the struggles.  And of course, we started our Advent devotionals…  

 One fun thing we’re doing this year is wrapping gifts and giving them out to the clerks, servers, or other people that we happen to cross paths with.  A few weeks ago, John Piper had a deal on his little book "Seeking and Savoring Christ."  It’s a great book for those that are believers or those that aren’t believers.  The children have been so excited about this, they’ve been wrapping the gifts and handing out most of them.  It has been fun to see people’s response to the wrapped packages.  They almost don’t know what to think.  I pray that the little book will draw those that receive it to Him.  We’ve decided to give them to everyone in our families too. 

Little bit is wearing  an expander right now to prepare for his next surgery.  I am taking him into town about every 3-4 weeks for that.  Shane takes him to the Dr. because it the waiting room is to small for me plus 3 other children.  We have had a hard time keeping the expander in,  and the Dr. is almost ready to wait a few months for his molars to grow more before we spend anymore time on it.  With a cleft, apparently, the child can lose their eyeteeth if the bone is not grafted before they come down.  They will come down and fall right out.  But ortho says we have enough time before that will happen.  He gets his tubes out tomorrow.  Can you say nervous Mommy?  He’s never not had tubes– it’s a "part" of having a cleft. 

I am a little nervous about our Darling in Honduras.  With the CP and what she will need… if it happens.   Can I do it?  Will I have the strength?  Will I be deligent with the therapy?  What about SC making the adjustment to having "competition"?  We’re just getting our family back to "normal" after the long battle with Little Bit?  Where will the money come from?  Yes, these are just ramblings, but true nonetheless.  Yes I know God is Sovereign and He will provide for everything IF he allows this adoption. 

I’ll be glad when January comes and things slow down a little…but for now, I will enjoy being reminded of the Christ, born of a virgin in a stable.  What an incredible gift.