I Saved 50% on my…

No, not car insurance, silly.  My friend Debbie and I have a standing montly lunch date.  Well, actually, it ends up being an afternoon date.  Her oldest daughter at home, watches the rest of the children for us.  So last Monday we were puttering.  This month we had to shuffle children different places during the course of the afternoon.  Two of hers had a play rehersal, and Little Bit had an ortho appt. so we took him to meet Shane.  I had nothing that had to get done in town, so we just got to have fun.

Anyway… we ended up at one of my favorite stores.   Cargo Largo.  It’s a HUGE store with overstocks at really good prices.   For example all their hair bows, ponytail holders, etc. are $1.  Compare that price to Walmart folks!  I’ve found organic graham crackers for 50 cents a box before, office supplies are really cheap always, I’ve found sippy cups, diapers, and all sorts of other stuff in the past.

So, Princess has been wanting a pair of boots for years.  Up until a year ago, she could wear a pair I had, but this summer when she past me in height, she also passed me in shoe size (11’s–her, not me).  I have been unable to find any for a price I was willing to pay.  Usually CL’s shoes are pretty nice, but expensive for me nonetheless. 

So, Deb and I pull in and it’s extremely busy, esp. for a Monday, even in the Christmas shopping season.  So Debbie remembers it’s a special "madness sale" If you had been in the store the previous week you were given a scratch off ticket to come back.  Debbie had 2 cards–one for her and one for me.  Anywhere from 15% to FREE.   Debbie handed me one of the cards. 

So now you know where this is going.    I found boots.  Liz Claiborne boots.  In Princesses size.  For $50.00.  Yikes!  (I actually called and asked if she would like boots and nothing else for Christmas or something else, she decided boots, right away).  So in they went.  I also found an RCA CD player for the boys for $25.  I would have paid the same price for an off-brand at Walmart.  Some diapers for Sweet Cheeks, some shoe laces, and other little things.   I ended up with $100 worth of stuff in my cart.  So, Debbie checks out… 15% off.  I know how rare those FREE of 50% off cards are– I was expecting 15%.   But low and behold, the first digit she scratches is a "0"  I think "Cool!  20%"  but then she scratched of a "5"  YES!  I got 50% off!!!!!  Yehaw– I was dancin!  If ya look at it right,  the boots were FREE!!!!!!   So now Princess gets her boots and something else under the tree!  

I’m still excited about that bargain!

Have a blessed weekend.