On Oasis at Home

We have been having a relaxing week.  With our day out Tuesday.  And yesterday friends came over for lunch, a cookie exchange and we sang some Christmas Carols.  The children played for a while and then watched Charlie Brown Christmas while Tammy and I visited. 

Last night, I was supposed to be kicked out of the house so everyone could finish their homemade gifts for Christmas eve.  But it was COLD and I was warm.  So Shane made me an oasis in our bedroom.  He took our little glider rocker back, and poured a glass of wine.  I took some Christmas music for the CD player, and some books,   I could prop my feet on the bed.  It was wonderful and quiet and relaxing.  I probably should have been back there working on my own Christmas eve gifts, since I really have no one’s complete and Christmas eve is less than a week away. 

I better be getting busy huh?