Another Grace Gem Thought

If you do not receive Grace Gems in your inbox, I would like to strongly encourage you to do so.  While there is always good things to think about, oftentimes, I am struck something I haven’t seen, or thought about in that specific way before.  (There is a link on my sidebar).

Today’s for instance:

He was a constant thorn in their sides!

(Arthur Pink, "Christ Despised" 1937)

"He was despised and rejected by men." Isaiah 53:3

Another reason why Christ was despised and rejected, was because He exposed and denounced sin. Ah, this explains why Christ was not wanted here. He was a constant thorn in their sides! His holiness condemned their unholiness! Men wish to go their own way, to please themselves, to gratify their lusts. They want to be comfortable in their wickedness–therefore they resent one who searches the heart, pierces the conscience, and rebukes their evil. Christ was absolutely uncompromising. He would not wink at wrong-doing, but unsparingly denounced it, in whoever it was found. He boldly affirmed, "For judgment I have come into this world" (John 9:41), that is, to unveil men’s secret characters, to prove they are blind in spiritual things, to demonstrate they loved darkness rather than light. His Person and preaching tried everything and everyone He came into contact with!

Yes, I have thought about Christ coming to take our sin away.  I have thought about how he was reviled, and despised by men, but I had never thought that the very sight of someone so holy, so perfect, so sinless would have repulsed the people.  His holiness alone reviled them even before he opened his mouth. And his holiness would most probably revile me, and you and most sinful humans.   Even Peter denied knowing him 3 times and he was one that was not reviled by Christ.   Those living in the times of Jesus were not the only ones.  Even today the name of Christ is too much for many people to handle.  The Name alone reviles men.  

The fact that Jesus was God in the flesh should have clued me in before now.  Even Moses had to hide his face in the cleft of the rock before the glory of the Lord could pass by…