Following Christ or Christianity

One of the blogs on my reader is "Of First Importance"  It is a nearly daily snippit of thoughts. 

“There really is no place for Christ in many people’s Christianity. Their faith is not actually in Christ; it is in Christianity and their ability to live it out. This kind of ‘Christianity’ is really about shadow glories of human knowledge and performance. It does not require the death to self that must always happen if love for Christ is going to reign in our hearts.”

– Paul David Tripp, A Quest for More (Greensboro, NC; New Growth Press, 2007), 106.

Lord I so want to live for Christ, not for Christianity.  I cannot save myself.  Let me die to self and live for you!


One thought on “Following Christ or Christianity

  1. Good thoughts! The term "Christian" means Christ-like. This includes taking up our cross daily and following Him. Not an easy task, but a necessary one… and VERY rewarding!


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