A Day Late

Merry CHRISTmas!  Happy HOLY-days! 

 Yes, even holidays comes from the HOLY days celebrated during the Advent season… the pagans can’t get aways from it–even though they think they can.

We began our celebration on Tuesday.  We exchanged our Christmas eve gifts then.  And lit the Christ candle (yes, a day early but we knew we wouldn’t be able to on Wednesday).  I made Priness a skirt from an old pair of blue jeans.  Very cute… she was so excited. 

We had dinner with Shane’s family Christmas Eve and then went to a really nice church service just down the road on the way home.  (I think we may visit Sunday).  

We had a nice day at home yesterday.  We took our time and it took until 2:00 to open every gift.  We’d open a while and play a while.  And then repeat it again later. 

Dinner was about 2ish.  Smoked Ham, hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, rolls and White Grape juice and 7 up punch.   Chocolate chip cheesecake with a homemade cinnamon graham cracker crust. 

Princess LOVED the boots!  Bubba LOVED his stamps (he has recently taken up stamp collecting)  Little Bit LOVED his remote control car and Sweet Cheeks LOVED her little stroller LB got for her.  We are going to get a handgun for Shane before the new President takes his oath so he didn’t have much under the tree.  I imagine there will be many people doing that and buying ammo.  Shane heard the Pres-elect doesn’t want to take away our guns, but he wants to tax the ammo 300%.  Thanks sir!  My favorite gift is my new digital photo keychain.  (after I end up so many places without a picture of my sweet family, it’s the perfect gift for me). 

Shane is off work until the 5th.  We are going to town today.  Need to exchange the Wii knockoff we got a Walgreens.  It stopped working after about 30 minutes.  I can see the fun and benefit of it though.  Wish the reall Wii’s weren’t so expensive.  Maybe someday. 

Sunday, we’ll have another Christmas with Shane’s dad’s family.  Then Tuesday we’ll exchange gifts with Shane’s family. 

So we have entered the 12 days of Christmas hehe


One thought on “A Day Late

  1. Wishing you a blessed season of celebration!

    I've been wanting to make a few things out of old jeans. There are some really cute patterns for purses out of them.

    My husband wants to get a gun before 1/20/09 also.
    I need to remind him and encourage him that I'm ok with it.

    We are all enjoying our Wii…you are right there are benefits. I wanted to get the knock off at Walgreens, but my husband insisted we make the investment.



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