A Wonderful Christmas Gift

Our children have a hard time with the holidays. 

This is not unusual for adopted children.  Many adopted children struggle through the holidays.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Birthdays. 

Even Bubba whom we’ve had since birth has issues at times.  He wonders where his birthmother is, what she is doing. why she hasn’t stayed in touch.   There have been many hours of holding and crying with and comforting him. 

(Princesses situation is a little different, because we see her bm a couple of times a year– and SC is a little young to be concerned with birthfamilies). 

In the past, Christmas has not been very fun at our house.  Even LB’s foster family had some interesting Christmases when he was with them.  The best of the last 4 before this one, was the year he was drugged up because he had just had surgery a few days before…

LB has worked so hard on his life this past year.  He has come so far and is a totally different child, in so many ways, from the one he as been for all of his life.  I am sitting here in tears as I think about the ways God has healed him.

So here’s the wonderful Christmas gift:  

Little Bit made it the entire Christmas day without one incident of any kind

Many of you may not understand how monumental that is! 

But for LB to make it through the entire Christmas day without even a small problem is a near miracle.   Not one look in his eyes, not one argument with siblings. not once did he get pulled out of having fun because he was acting goofy.  It was a "normal" Christmas day.  One that we have seen for several years… 

Thank you Lord for your mercies.  And for your healing rain… and for your love.   You have been so good to us!