Our Family Gift to Others this Holiday Season

We had such fun this season, I just had to tell you about it. 

Apparently, every year John Piper makes one of his books available for around $1.00 a piece.  They do this so people can make gifts out of them.  They will even send a case to you if you don’t have the money to buy them under the condition that you give them away. 

We bought 2 cases around Thanksgiving. 

Wrapped them in pretty paper (sometimes the wrapping wasn’t so pretty because the children wrapped many of them).

And handed them out to the checkout people at Walmart, the cashier at McDonalds, the drive thru people at the coffee shop, the server at the restaurant, etc. etc.  You get the picture …

It never failed to put a smile on their faces.  Usually something like this happened:

one of the family:  "Merry Christmas"  While handing the gift

clerk:  "for me?"

us:  "yes, for you"

clerk (big smile) "thank you"

The lady at Starbucks the other night, was jumping up and down showing her co-workers that she got a present as we were pulling away. 

Now, as far as what happens after they open the book and see John Piper’s "Seeking and Savoring Christ"  Well, that’s up to God isn’t it? 

We have decided that we’ll do this as long as they last (we have probably 25 left).  If they go as far as February, we’ll put heart paper on them, and give Valentine’s gifts.  

It sure has been fun putting smiles on peoples faces this season.

*** I do have to add that we sent one to my Mom, Dad and brothers with their Christmas gifts.  My Dad has been joking with clerks for years– he loves to put smiles on peoples faces, so I was telling him what we had been doing with the books.  So, my Dad shared with me that he has been reading a book that a man that he met while pumping gas gave to him.  Apparently, this man had been a millionaire and had everything the world had to offer, and then found Christ… now he has no money but all the riches Christ has to offer.  You have to know that my Daddy is not a person that reads.  I have never seen him read much of anything beyond a Chilton’s manual.  I do believe the Lord is working to call my Daddy to Himself*** If you think about it, would you pray with us to this end?  Thanks