This is SICK! And Sad…

Shane sent me a link to an article today that has turned my stomach.  Apparently there is a young lady in the UK that is auctioning off her v*rg*nity to the highest bidder.  She said she got the idea after her sister paid for her college degree by being a pr*st*tute for 3 weeks. 

The reason… to pay for her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy! 

Does that bother anyone else?


2 thoughts on “This is SICK! And Sad…

  1. Its just the beginning to how sick this world is going to became. And while is sickens me, it saddens me on a much deeper level.


  2. Not only is it sick, I think this woman is a liar. It's like that couple that said they were going to lose "it" online and it turned out they had long before that date.

    But, in a world where all is relative, most people I know don't see a problem with this. Now, that's the scariest part of the whole thing…and just one of the infinitisimal reasons to homeschool.


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