Thank You President Bush

On this day, in the wake of "change" I would like to take a moment and thank President and Mrs. Bush for their 8 years of service to our country as President and First Lady. 

Here is the link to the original photo and article in People magazine

Thank you both for giving up yourself, your privacy.  Thank you for putting yourselves in a position of being riduculed and examined under a microscope under the eyes of those with liberal, left agendas.  

Thank you President Bush for being a man of integrity.  Thank you for keeping our country safe for the last 7 years… even though many have forgotten what happened on 9-11, I have not forgotten.  And I have not forgotten the promise you made as you stood in the rubble of the twin towers, and I have not forgotten that you kept that promise. 

Thank you Mrs. Bush for being a true lady.  For serving the country by serving your husband. 

Some would say that you were the worst president in recent history.  I disagree.  As President, you and only you understand the difficulty of making the hard choices., and I know there were many choices you made that were hard to make. 

As far as I’m concerned Mr. President you are a President this county should be proud to own.

God bless you President and Mrs. Bush!


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