Fun Stuff — Unearthing Coins

Shane won Marsha’s blog contest a couple of weeks ago.  The prize, a box of coins from Vision Forum.  The other night, we had slated a family night.  We were planning on playing games and having popcorn.  But Marsha’s coins came the same day, so, we scrubbed some coins instead.  What Marsha didn’t know was that we had bought a set like this about a year ago, and Shane had had some of the coins soaking in oil almost that long,   So we had plenty of coins to work on.  And work we did. 

Of course one of us just "brush your teeth"

The one Princess chose to work on is showing a nice profile.  Bubba’s a wreath and a star, Little Bit started on one of the new coins and made some progress, we’ll see what turns up after it soaks for a while. 

We had a wonderful time with the coins, trying to see what we could see and getting excited when we found something.  I tried to take a picture of Princess’s coin, but I couldn’t get it to come out well.

Thanks Marsha!  What fun.  We’re planning on pulling these coins out much more often now.