Quick & Easy Veggie Soup

It has been super cold in the Kansas City metro this week.  I think the high yesterday was 20!  BRRRRRR….. I have really been working hard to give the children better lunches than sandwiches for some time.  I really don’t want to feed them canned soups and ravioli’s, so I’ve been throwing my own versions together.  So easy and less expensive than canned stuff.  And it TASTES better too.   So for lunch I made the children soup. 

1 Box, organic beef broth 32 ounces

2 cups frozen mixed veggies

1 small bag/box alphabet pasta, cooked and drained

1 cup water

heat broth and water, add veggies cook until tender, add pasta heat through. 

I guess you could add some onions and seasonings, but my children gobbled this easy stuff up!


One thought on “Quick & Easy Veggie Soup

  1. Thank you for posting your recipe. My midwife informed me of a lot of foods that upset a nursing baby's tummy and all the foods i cook with are on it. I now know why my older daughter screamed her head off! But your soup will be easy and I can put only the veggies that I can eat in there! Again thank you!


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