Vitamin Code Vitamins

A few months ago, I picked up a bottle of Vitamin Code vitamins after my friend Kellie, tried them and felt considerably better after only a couple of days.  I mentioned it briefly in a blog entry a while back and was contacted by a representative of their company wanting to know if I wanted to be a part of their focus group.  Sure!  I’m all about free vitamins!  (well, I’m all about free anything if it’s worthwhile).   So we signed up.  She let Shane sign up and also Kellie and another friend of ours.  She also offered Fucothin, so, what they hey!  We’re trying that too, since Shane and I both have a few pounds to loose. 

Shane nor I either one, have lost any significant weight.  With the winter months, my excercise level was down.  I started back on T-Tapp this week and am feeling great!  I will say that I think I am more hungry since starting the Fucothin… the first month of vitamins I had were the "perfect weight" and I was not as hungry when I was taking them. 

So the original rep changed jobs and now we’re working with another lady, Rhonda.   I LIKE this gal.  She sent a bottle of family vitamins for Hannah to try, she says she feels better when she’s taking them.  I feel better when I’m taking them.  Yes, sometimes we miss a dose, or a day’s worth 😦  She also sent a sweet Christmas tree ornament, and a couple of Fucothin protien bars to try.  (okay, they weren’t that tasty) But it’s protein and I need that!  Shane, on the other hand, felt better when he ran out of them and was off of them for a few days… that to me is interesting!  But he has not been able to ever notice any difference in the way he feels on any vitamin…

I just got this months supplements and another protein bar and a "Perfect Weight America" coffee cup!  How great is that?