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I just received a comment from an anonymous commenter, that I had to respond to.  Apparently I offended her because I do not support "messiah" Obama.  (since I don’t know if this person is male or female, I to call her female, to make it easier to respond).  

 I almost deleted her comment, but I thought, that it was just too stupid to ignore.  The irony of it all is that she accuses me of not thinking for myself????  But then she tows the party line media rehetoric.  Apparently when Aligirl did my blog, she disabled the copy/paste function and I don’t know how to fix it.  Here is the link the the original post…the comment I am referring to, is the one dated March 11, 2008, at the bottom of the entry.  PLEASE go read this ridiculous accusation…

This person accuses me of all sorts of stuff, then doesn’t even have the nerve to sign her name.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Not only does this person called me a "thinly veiled racist"

but then she calls ME a liar???? 

And says she’s sorry she ever followed the link to my blog… and then tells me to "get a life" 

Dearie, I HAVE a life, that involves 4 of the most beautiful children you’ve ever seen, on the inside and on the outside.  They are 4 children that Mr. Obama would rather have seen dead at the hand of abortion.  My wonderful husband and I are raising them to be people of chararcter.  I’m sorry that my raising my children to be persons of character and persons that think for themselves bothers you. 

One thing she accuses me of is not listening to the media because Mr. Obama has never used the race "card"  and seconly, she accuses me of being racist.  

 Dearie, whoever you are,  did YOU watch Mr. Obama’s inauguragtion?????? 

The RACE CARD was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For example the "Pastor’s" benediction was nothing but race!  And dishonored our Lord and Creator.   In fact, I can say quite confidently, that his race is the ONLY thing that got Mr. Obama to the White House.  I know people that voted for him ONLY because he was black. 

Secondly, Have you seen the picture at the top of my blog??????????  I have 4 children that would be called black by most people, especially liberals, in this country.  I prefer to call them human, just like me, and my hubby and you and any other person that walks the earth. 

Rather than making an issue of my children being black or white, I’d rather teach them to be persons of character and not focus on the fact that they have a different amount of melonin in their body than I do.  If Mr. Obama was a white man, I would have as much respect for him as I do now… which is vertually nill, not because he was white, black or if he was purple or green, but because the man has NO CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

…. I always find it interesting when I am accused of not thinking for myself, but I am the one that is not thinking in line with the "mainstream media"  but being called a racist… that’s a new one!  

Oh, and in case anyone is interested, the kitchen remodel is still going on… the sink base should go in this weekend, and then the rest of the countertops.  It looks wonderful!  Look for before and after pictures in the coming weeks. 


One thought on “Anonymous Commenter I Have a Dream

  1. Oh my…….I don't know which post of yours I enjoyed more — the original w/the comments or this one. You rock on and keep preaching it like it really is. Have you ever felt physically sick to look at a picture? That's how I feel every single time I see a picture of our current president — physically sick. The only thing that brings me any comfort is knowing that My God, the Creator our the universe is still in control. Granted America is most likely being judged (or at least in the beginning stages of being judged) for our sins, but God is sitll in control.

    My children also have beautiful carmel and chocolate colored skin. Been down the road of strange looks — especially from African America women — but only when I'm by myself, most so when they were young tikes.

    The most insulting comment came when a women from the Jehovah Witness came knocking one morning. The boys were eager to see who it was of course. She had the nerve to say to me "oh you must run a daycare"….um, no they are MY CHILDREN. Needless to say, she hasn't been back.


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