One More Thought on my Dear Anonymous Commenter

I have always wondered why those that preach tolerance are the ones with the least tolerance towards those that don’t agree with them….

They seem to only be tolerant with those whom they agree…

last time I checked that wasn’t tolerance.  That was dictatorship.


One thought on “One More Thought on my Dear Anonymous Commenter

  1. As you stated in your post, this is America and in America I have the option of being an anonymous poster. What difference would it make if I sign my name? You don't know me just like I don't know you. When you blog, you open yourself up to anyone with a computer, therefore you subject yourself to their thoughts.

    Again, where did Barack Obama play the race card? Using the example of what someone else said is a poor cop-out.

    You don't know whether or not I'm a supporter of Obama. And calling him "the messiah", please. That's the cry of everyone who hates the man. Rest assured, I don't view anyone walking this earth as the messiah. Nowhere in my comment did I ask for tolerance. Nowhere. You're the one completely offended by anyone who disagrees with you. I hold to what I said.

    Like I posted before, I'm sorry I followed the link to your site and I won't be back, so feel free to call me names and rant and rave. I'm sure your other readers will agree with you wholeheartedly. I was actually interested in your adoption of black children, that was my reason for even following the link.

    By the way, do you know my race? White people can spot racism in other white people too, so don't be so sure. I say again, stop with the lies. If you dislike someone, fine; just be honest about it. Lots of people didn't realize they were racist until a black president was elected. You know the whole, "it's okay to have 'em as friends, just don't marry 'em".

    Good day and please spend lots more time attempting to belittle me, I won't be back to read it.


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