Thanks Anonymous

Anonymous has decided to comment again…  and says "he" won’t be back.  Oh darn!  This has been fun, but tiring to me.  I so adore being called a liar and a racist and treated nasty by those who refuse to be acknowledged.  

At this point, comments will be closed on this particular post, and if you sir change your mind and do leave any more mean spirited comments on other posts, they will be deleted.  (since I don’t know what to call this commenter, I chose "he" this time).

 Dear sir, I beg to differ– I have not called you ANY name,  (unless you call "dearie" a "name") nor have I "ranted and raved."  As I open myself up to comments from those that disagree when I post, you sir, also open yourself up to my thoughts on your thoughts…

You sir, appear intolerant, you have come to a blog I write and accused me of all sorts of nastiness and have admitted yourself that you know "nothing" about me.  You have called me names because I don’t agree with mainstream media… nor do I apparently agree with you (and I assume you are an Obama supporter because only someone with as much anger as you appear to have about this issue could be as vehemous as you have towards me). 

I disputed your view and called your "comment" stupid… that does not mean you are stupid, just your comment.  You, on the other hand, have called me a liar and a racist… at the very least, and you sir have "ranted and raved" on my blog.  

Here is the answer to your question: 

Mr. Obama doesn’t have to place the race card, the media has played it well enough for him! 

For the record, I have no problem having a black man for president– I think it would be WONDERFUL if we could come together and stop focusing on skin color as a dividing point in this country. (Thank you Mr. Darwin).  As I said before, (and what the original post was all about) I would have a problem with the man if his skin color was purple,  skin color doesn’t matter to me– CHARACTER DOES!  (Maybe it will surprise you, but I did not agree with everything that Mr. Bush did while in office either).

You sir, most certainly know way more about me than I know about you… if you read any of my blog at all, you will learn a lot about me… as for you, I don’t even know whether to call you Mr. or Mrs. –that does give you an advantage.  🙂

For the record.  I do not hate Mr. Obama.  How can I "hate" someone I don’t know?  I, dear anonymous, do not even hate you as you seem to hate me.  In the original post, I was merely pointing out that I don’t believe that even Martin Luther King would agree with Mr. Obama.   Mr. King seemed to desired character qualities above color of skin. 

 I will say that I DO hate what Mr. Obama stands for… abortion, homosexuality, socialism, big government. etc. etc. etc.  I pray for him on a regular basis, as I am commanded to do in Scripture.  For the record, I do not hate the woman who aborts her child, or the homosexual.  But I most certainly do not have to like, or agree with these actions. 

One more thing, not every person that reads my blog agrees with me.  If you read the original blog post thoroughly, you will see the first comment was left by someone who did not agree with me, but was polite in their disagreement… unlike you have been…

And sir,according to you, I must be racist because I didn’t marry a black man, I just gave birth to 4 black children as my own through adoption… sir, please forgive me, but your ignorance is showing.

My blog my thoughts…don’t like it?  Oh well.