Men Will Hate You

I thought today’s grace gems devotional was very timely…especially this section.  The Word also states that we will be hated because we are followers of Christ….

"They kept shouting–Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" Luke 23:21

The Word of Truth declares that "the carnal mind is enmity against God" (Romans 8:7). Men do not believe it–in fact most of them pretend the very opposite. Nevertheless, at Calvary–they gave proof of their hatred of God.

Not only was Christ unwelcome here–but men hated Him–and that "without a cause" (John 15:25). He gave them every reason to admire and adore Him–but they had an inveterate detestation of Him!

Multitudes go through the form of paying homage to God–but it is a "god" of their own imagination. They hate the true and living God, and were it possible–they would rid the universe of His existence! This is clear from their treatment of Christ, for He was none other than "God manifest in flesh" (1 Timothy 3:16). They hated and hounded Him to death–and nothing short of His cruel death by crucifixion would appease them!


One thought on “Men Will Hate You

  1. I read the anonymous comment that person left, and I see what she/he is saying (except for the Christians and their lies part, she/he didn't need to go there). However, Obama (the man himself) has never played the race card. He embraces both backgrounds and doesn't denie his white or black side. It was white people who started that if you have an drop of black blood in you then your black not biracial. And little by by little this became accepted in every soceity. Soceity needs to stop labeling biracial people black and accept them for the beauty and unity they bring to this country. Moreover what's this about Obama having no character? Eveyone has character, he doesn't have one you like but he's got it.Do you say this because you don't believe in some of the things he stands for? Do you really think homosexuals choose to be gay? Who would choose to have most of soceity hate you and want you dead for something you can't help? They just want the same rights biracial couple's fought for back when biracial marriages were illegal( and treated they same way gays are treated now). In addition it is a women's right to have an abortion, I doubt any woman goes skipping into one of those places excited about what will take place. It' hard enough for them to even make such a decision like that without people preaching all types of stuff in their ear.Now don't get me wrong I don't agree with certain aspects of abortion (like the amount of times one can have them, or getting one when the fetus is truly starting to form (limbs,heads,etc)) There should be some regulations regarding abortion but overall women should have that right to choose. If you take that right away some will find other means to do it .

    Did you know there are more white people who get government checks than blacks? Do you even know about the people who get off their rear and try to or make it out the ghetto? You don't know what they go through, you know nothing about people who live in the ghetto to make such statements. Get real if you think those two places you mentioned in the hood gives you credit. Why sit there and make it look like all blacks sit on their rears waiting for a better day.I just hope you adopted your children because you wanted a family to love and care for like most people on this blog ;not the white family who adopts black children because they think they are better off with people like you and that you can save their poor little souls from "living in crumpy apartments with blacks who collect government checks and dont get off their rear".

    I came on this blog to learn more about adoption.But this blog just makes me sad. To see how you view blacks when you have biracial children yourself.



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