Don’t Be Sad for Me…

Oviously I’m really striking a nerve on an entry I wrote– what 2 months ago based on a speech given by a man with brown skin…  Dr. Martin Luther King was the one that spoke of having his children be recognized for their character and not the color of your skin… I was only quoting him and giving my opinion on it.  And for the record, no, I don’t think a man that wants to kill babies (among other things) has much character. 

Thank you Cici for being respectful and for signing your name.  I truly appreciate that. 

First of all, let me make myself perfectly clear.  I view people as people.  Human, the way God intended, not by the color of their skin.  I have a disdain for forms that ask race.  We are one race– human, not black, (or AA) or caucasian, or Indian (or NA), etc…. These things describe our physical traits, but not our "race".   Many times, I will write "human" in the slot for "other" when I am filling out these ridiculous forms. 

In our home, we do not focus on skin color (except to say how pretty our children’s skin is).  Or to joke about not being able to find one of our chocolate children after dark unless they’re wearing a bright colored shirt 🙂

In our home, we focus to the best of our ability, on bringing up our children to honor the Lord God Almighty.

When God gave us our children, we didn’t care what color skin they had, we wanted a family.  And quite honestly black/biracial children are the "unwanted" children of society.  Don’t believe me, check out and see all the little chocolate people that are in the foster care system waiting for their forever family, in our country as opposed to white children.

As for people being born "that way" homosexual… sorry… I know of too many that have been freed from that sad life to believe it. Others that are so miserable that they can hardly stand themselves.  In fact, I’ve met very few happy "gay people"  (and in the past worked in a field that is filled with those living the lifestyle).  I find it hard to believe that those living the homosexual lifestyle want to be that way any more than an alcoholic wants to be an alcoholic, (yes, I know there are those that would say it’s a disease… not a sin, I disagree).  Or any more than a man addicted to pornography wants to be, or drugs, etc. etc. etc.  No, these people don’t want to be "that way" but a sinful habit, any sinful habit, is hard to break.   IMO, being homosexual and acting on it,  is  no less of a sin than a heterosexual in relationships outside of  marriage and acting on it.  I believe if God had intended men to be with men and women with women, he would have provided that option in Genesis, but He did not.  In fact, is very clear about his opinion in His Word about homosexuals, just as he is about other sins. 

Abortion… no comment except… I have 4 babies that would/could have been aborted, had it not been for the option given the birthmothers of adoption.

As far as your thoughts on my beliefs about blacks– sorry you know very little about that.  I do not claim to be an expert in welfare, I KNOW white people get it too… good grief– stop being so sensitive people!  I was raised in Knoxville, TN and most of the projects there are filled with whites. 

YES! There are lazy white people collecting government checks for sitting on their rear ends too.  I believe I have said this before but I’ll say it again now too. 

Happy now?

What I saw in the inner cities I was in, was people that did not know how to get out of the hood.  They wanted to, but generational sin is VERY hard to break. And when you get almost as much or more money for doing nothing, why do you want to get out and work?  In a way I don’t blame them.  I just wish it was different.  My opinion is that welfare brings about very little good.  It makes people lazy and gives opportunities for people to lead sinful lives. 

And for the record, there is NO WAY any person can know everything about my feelings about these topics from a few blog entries.   These are just mostly my random thoughts I have had about these subjects.  To presume to know everything I think from what I write here is … well I don’t know what, but it can’t be done.

I am a person that believes in absolute truth, not moral relativism, which is the mantra of today… and I don’t apologize for it.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Sad for Me…

  1. Thanks be to God for you and those like you who are willing to "stand" . You are good models for all.

    Take care – your children are beautiful. If the Lord allowed, I would have one or two of those wonderful bright smiles in my home – maybe four, one playmate and heartfriend for each of my children at home.



  2. I’m not going to go into the abortion, homosexuals, Obama thing, because the truth is… we will probably never come to s full agreement on these issues. Which is fine because you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I’m glad to hear that you have disdain for forms that ask race, because there are times when many we see no color and times when color is all you see. So the fact that you can disdain from it is amazing.

    I’m sooooo happy now, that you added white people get government checks, that’s exactly what I was dying to hear. No, not really.This isn't what I was waiting for you to say. Maybe I read your thoughts wrong, but it seemed like you had this view as if blacks were inferior and I expressed my opinion on that. If you feel that people are being sensitive, well that’s your feelings on it, doesn’t mean it accurate… because just like I don’t know much about you, you don’t know much about me.

    Now…I see that your opinion was on people who get welfare and not just blacks (I didn’t see where you said whites get government checks, I just saw black this, black that, black black). One can interpret words diffrently when you can't hear them being said.

    Moreover something does need to be done about helping people get off the welfare system and support themselves (I think that was the main focus of government checks in the beginning). However I think it does help those who struggle to get their feet off the ground. There needs to be some balance, or welfare won’t bring much success.

    As for biracial/blacks being the "unwanted" child. I can agree to some point. I worked with mostly black/biracial children in foster care over the summer. Most of their families were working on getting them back, while others were being adopted by their foster parents. So I have seen many wanted children in foster care (this is what makes me want to adopt, to have a family to love, care for, and be/feel wanted). But I can't say that every foster child is wanted based on my experience… because the sad truth is some kids aren't wanted. It's beautiful to see that you wanted a family, and that nofunny looks or whatever will change how you feel/treat your children.

    You believe in absolute truth which is fine, I have morals and beliefs that put me in a moderate category. I don’t expect you to apologize for your views, and I don’t apologize for my moderate views.


    anyway you can respond to this if you want, but I don't paln on going back and forth because this isn't what your blog is about.Don't know if you have hard feelings, I don't.


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