No Hard Feelings at All

Cici dear,

 I have absolutely no hard feelings what-so-ever.   You have been every bit respectful and I honestly do appreciate that.  

We can agree to disagree.  No problem…  and I’d be happy to share any information about adopting with you that I can. Not only am I a 4 time adoptive mom, but my in-laws have been foster parents for several years and I also have a BSW, and have studied attachment issues in depth too.   I LOVE to see children in forever families. It warms my heart.  I’d adopt all of them if I could, but unfortunately, we don’t have the room or the money for that ðŸ™‚

BTW, I’m with you about the bantering,  been there, done that, and I don’t have the stomach for it… that’s why I blog.

You’re welcome to come visit me anytime 🙂


4 thoughts on “No Hard Feelings at All

  1. Wow. Ya know, when I read someone's thoughts, I really try to take them into context. Your blurbs on blacks in the ghettos/projects/whatever were not misplaced given the topic of discussion: "race" still being an issue in America. It offends me for you that more than one individual took your comments out of context and made them out to seem like they were your ONLY thoughts at all on the subject. Wow. Just, wow.

    I got into a debate a couple/few years ago with Spunky on her review of Debi Pearl's book, Created to Be His Helpmeet. It was a negative review, in part over Debi's "double-mindedness" about spouses withholding intimacy. My point to her was that she HAD to publish what seemed like a double-standard because it was a book TO women BY a woman. When a man withholds affection from his wife, Debi gave practical advice to the wives on how to woo their husbands romantically. When the woman withholds affection from her hubby, Debi makes no qualms to call that woman a blasphemer, as Titus 2 says that we blaspheme the Word of God when we don't love our husbands. Spunky held to the belief that Debi "should" have told us women that our husbands are sinning against us when they withhold from us, just as we sin against them when we whithhold from them. I've seen, however, firsthand how detrimental it is to a wife when we sisters-in-Christ sympathize/empathize/whateverize with her too much INSTEAD OF giving her practical advice to overcome her adversity. We wives are only all-too-sensitive already to when our hubbies sin against us; we don't need affirmation of that. What we need is ways to overcome and deal when they do. THAT's what Debi Pearl did in her book. And THAT's a double-standard by Spunky's mindset, not sound advice. Is it sin for a hubby to withhold from his wife? Of course! His body is not his own, but it belongs to his wife. However, this was a book by a women written to women. We already know the sin; what we need to know is how to deal with it. And she delivers great advice!

    Anyway, all this to say that when we put our ideas out there for the public to view, some will see the wisdom in what we say and others will simply call it foolish. To be sure, not all we say is wise, of course. But we live in an era when the wise will be called fools, right? I'm sorry you were made a target of this kind of reversism. There will come a day, a Great and Glorious Day, when all will see. Come, Lord Jesus. Come!

    Lots of hugs,


  2. Please pray for my family. My blog has the story but I know we can win without GOD and I need as much prayer as possible!!!!!!!!!! Please let everyone know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thank you for your prayers! I know that the only thing that will get us through this is our HEAVENLY FATHER. And I also know its going to take a ton of prayers for this judge to rule in my favor. thank again!


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