A Fallacy

Recent conversations here have included the topic of race.  Recently Voddie Baucham and Doug Phillips answered a question about inter"racial" marriage. 

From personal experience, I agree, those that don’t like our answers resort to name calling…

For some reason, the permalink on Dougs blog is not working properly, but here is the entry in full. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is “Racial” Intermarriage Biblical?

For nearly two decades I have had the opportunity to teach on the issue of creation, the family and the Bible. Throughout this time I have had the privilege of preaching on the subject of “race” and marriage before thousands. I have always addressed the question the same way. This weekend at the Father and Daughter Retreat the question was asked again. Here is how Dr. Voddie Baucham and I answered the question:

QUESTIONER: “…How does race fall into you and your daughter’s choice in a man?”

DOUG: “I’ll give you my answer. The Bible teaches that there is only one race. And that is the human race. So, consequently because there is only one race (and that’s the human race), we’re all of one blood.” Therefore, all men and women are qualified for marriage—not on the basis of their melanin count—but on the basis of other things all-together.”

“So from my perspective, anti-miscegenation laws are unbiblical and are wrongful. Prejudices which prohibit inter-marriage based on so called, skin color are deviant, ungodly, and unscriptural. That’s my perspective. Would anybody else like to add to that?”

VODDIE: “In What He Must Be if He Wants to Marry My Daughter, notice a couple of things; On the cover of that book you cannot tell the ethnicity of the man. That’s intentional. The last chapter of the book-the conclusion—is addressing this question directly right form the perspective that Doug just echoed. I really felt like that was an important issue. So its addressed on the cover and its addressed in the conclusion of the book, What He Must Be if He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

There are two types of people who hate this answer.

The first are bigots.

Bigots come in all different stripes. Some are “white” and some are “black.” Some are red, or yellow, or brown. (Perhaps some are polka-dot—I don’t know.) Some claim to be Christian, and some don’t. But the ones who claim to be Christians usually have an errant perspective on the Book of Genesis—a perspective which is often linked to a clear theological compromise with evolutionary thinking. The ones who don’t claim to be Christian tend to have pagan views of culture and ethnicity. Alternatively, they may simply harbor ill-will in their heart to those who are different from them.

The second group who hate answers like the one that Voddie and I gave include people with an agenda to smear Christians and Christian ministries. Not content to address real ideas and real positions, they resort to perverse fact-twisting, bizarre analogical reasoning, outrageous straw men—-anything to appeal to those silly and undiscerning individuals who can be easily taken captive by the fear-mongering tactics of the kook-brigade. This point becomes clear should you find yourself surfing the web and stumble across “Christianswholovebabiesareracists.com,” or “womenwhoareatleasttentimessmarterthanourweaklinghusbands.com, or even “holyfeministswiththespiritualgiftoflying.com.

When all else fails—-call your enemy a racist.

Like the first group, the second group includes individuals of different stripes, but the common denominator here is hatred for Christians and Christian ministries, not concern for people with a different melanin count.

The Bible has the answer to bigots, Internet hate-mongers and those who genuinely inquire about the truth of His Word. While God does classify men along the lines of “kindreds and tongues and nations,” there is no “white race,” nor “black race.” God has “made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth.” (Acts 17:26). Praise the Lord!


5 thoughts on “A Fallacy

  1. I totally agree… one race, the human race. I think the only prohibition the Bible puts on "inter" marriage is between believers and non-believers. My believing Caucasian daughter married a non-believing Caucasian Mormon. To us, that was grievous. Had she married a non-Caucasian believer, we would have rejoiced! -JD, California


  2. Hi Christine. I was actually posting (I know – miracle) and thought I pop over for a visit. So glad to see that you're still passionate and posting. And I totally agree with you… the man that marries my daughter or the woman that marries my son has to be faithful and beautiful inside and out. I always tell my daughter "if you want to see a truly beauty woman, find a blind man's wife." He doesn't even know, let alone care what color his wife's skin is, only that it is soft to the touch. I'll have to stop in more often.


  3. I couldn't agree with you more! Very well said.

    I do find it interesting that growing up, my parents did not want me to date or marry anyone that was not white– not even a Korean! Why? Because they love me and wanted to spare me the trials and struggles they had in their marriage. Some of these struggles were from cultural differences but the majority of the struggles were from ignorant "outsiders" that had hate and bigotry in their hearts. What is even more sad is when the most ignorant people are members of your family.

    I am thankful that my parents stuck with their marriage, despite the obstacles. The greatest glue in their marriage? Their love for our Lord Jesus! Which is really the glue for every marriage, regardless of race.


  4. Doug and Voddie… awesome theologians! I loved this piece.

    Incidentally, and on a different note, I like the name Benjamin, too. And what is up with your elder daughter liking the name Artaxerxes? She can't do that. That just undermines my attempts to getting a "real" name out of my hubby. And same for Shane and his appreciation of the name Wolfgang. Shame on Shane!




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