The Last Few Weeks in Bullets

*  We have a "new to us" kitchen (look for pics in near future)

*  Had a WONDERFUL time a both homeschool conferences (MPE– KC metro,  and SHEM, Springfield, MO)

*  Heard Jim Weiss, James and Stacy McDonald and Michael Farris among others at the homeschool conferences…

*  Re-aquainted with old friends and made new ones too.

*  Is sick of hearing about the swine flu… esp. when good old fashioned influenza kills more people each year than swine flu has so far.

*  Is tired of Mr. Obama’s "change"  wonder’s where all the people are that "aprrove of him, because I don’t know anybody…even those that voted for him.

*  Has been visiting a wonderful church.  The church we were visiting when we found out about Precious– they prayed so faithfully for us.  It should have been our clue that it should have been our church home 2 years ago.

* Doing lots of hands on school–love it

* building a new chicken house with Bubba.  If it’ll ever stop raining, we might get it finished

* Tired of the rain

* visited the Steamboat Arabia museum (fascinating), City Market, and 2 Asain markets (one complete with a huge "fresh" fish counter… yep, they even had squid… yucky.  You could get your fish six ways…

*  Children are enjoying acting classes with CYT

*  Enjoying Scrabble on Facebook with friends and family

* Does not like it when dogs eat brand new shoes or when complete strangers ask heath questions about your child without knowing what they’re talking about.

*  Is ready to be done with recordkeeping for the year…

That’s what we’ve been doing…

If you’re still reading me (after this hiatus) would you leave a quick comment…  you don’t even have to sign in, just put your username in the blank.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks in Bullets

  1. Hi Christine,
    I'm still reading! What a busy time for you! I agree about the flu thing–total scare tactics to make people flip out. There's a plan behind it, I'm certain.
    Jill J


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