What We’ve Been Doing in Pictures

I haven’t been poting much here lately because I’ve become "addicted" to Facebook .  It seems to be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends near and far.  But I thought I was past due time to post pictures of our new kitchen. And I also thought what better way to tell what we’ve been doing these last few months. 

The old kitchen



The new kitchen

While remodeling the kitchen, we decided to redo the outgoing plumbing pipes as well.  Got tired of having them snaked out every 18 months or so… in between working, the boys decided it was a fun place to play with their knights and castle

A quick afternoon with my cousin and his family.  Their daughter is coming to college in the area.  We took them to Jack Stack for BBQ.

Daddy and Princess attended a Daddy/Daughter dance

Homeschool skating

Face painting at the Mushroom Festival in Richmond, MO

Wildlife right out the window of our Burb, also recently view or caught, Salamanders, toads, and a black snake up by the foundation of the house –hope he’s still in the creek where Shane put him yesterday afternoon 🙂

Christian Youth Theater Showcase for Princess, Bubba and Little Bit.  A little blurry, but you get the idea.  They boys were pirates and they even did a little sword fight– very cool!

Princess’s class did a bit from Annie and Oliver

Not one, but 2 homeschool conferences for me!  We all attended the MPE conference in the KC area and then I got to go by MYSELF to  the SHEM conference in Springfield.  Some of the highlights was spending time with old friends and making new ones, meeting Stacy McDonald in person, and hearing her and Mr. McDonald speak at the conference, finding a company that I thought might have gone out of business with the new regulations (www.corpofrediscovery.com) Very cool place… check it out!  And having dinner at Lamberts!  Great country cookin!


Building a new chicken coop with Bubba (Just me and him).  Nope that’s not the new chicken LOL

But here they are

Having fun with an wire spool,  Little Bit had his own style

That’s some of what we’ve been doing lately.  I hope to get back to blogging more regularly now that the kitchen is officially done!


2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Doing in Pictures

  1. Those are awesome pics! And the kitchen looks even better on the blog than on your phone! Is it really done now? Woohoo!

    The boys got to be pirates? That's awesome! Yarr!

    LOVE Princess's butterfly shirt!

    VERY jealous of the chicken coop!

    So much fun you've been having! BTW, we've seen my stepson 9 times in 3.5 weeks! That's more than we saw of him when we had a visitation schedule! We're so happy!

    Love and hugs,

    P.S. My "code" number to post this comment was 454548. Funny, huh?


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