I’m Anti- Abortion and I’m Not Rejoicing!

As I signed online after getting home from church, I discoverd that George Tiller had been murdered this morning.  The internet is buzzing with talk of Operation Rescue or other pro-life organizations and people being accomplices to this murder because they stand for truth.  The other buzz is that pro-lifer’s are rejoicing that Mr. Tiller is dead.  I want my position to be made clearly:

I am pro-life and I am not rejoicing at the murder of Mr. Tiller! 

Murder is a terrible thing!  Even the murder of a man who killed an untold number of innocent babies in the name of "choice"  Not only that, but I sit here pondering his eternal destiny. 

My condolences to Mr. Tiller’s family.


2 thoughts on “I’m Anti- Abortion and I’m Not Rejoicing!

  1. I totally agree. I'm in the process of putting together a similar posting for my own blog.

    I am completely opposed to abortion, still there is no rational way to rationalize this murder as right. One wrong does not justify another.



  2. The only way to deal with this and all the tragedies he was involved in, is with prayer. No one knows why or even how a person could do anything like this (Mr. Tiller's death or the death of the babies) but as a Christ loving woman I am praying for all who are touched by this!
    Thank you for posting this, I did not have the words myself!
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