A Contest for Waterproof Training Pants

It’s about that time.  Potty training time that is for Sweet Cheeks.  She is 3 1/2 –yep a little old by some standards, but was not ready last summer and I don’t potty train in the winter months.  If you’ll when she came home at 10 months from Liberia, she couldn’t even sit up on her own.  And we weren’t sure what medical needs were going to need addressed. So I think we’ve made significant progress… so I was searching for waterproof training pants to have on hand.  Apparently Walmart and Babies R Us (at least online) don’t believe in carrying the "old fashioned" kind…  Maybe they believe that throwing millions more training pants is better for the environment… sorry bunny trail I don’t want to go down…but I do have some ideas

So as I was searching I came across a contest onmommyworks blog.

She is giving away a pair of training pants from babybayrs  because she thinks they’re great. 

So, of course, I get an entry for blogging about the contest.  Go check it out… they are really cute.