The Death of a Legend

This week marked the earthly deaths of several famous people.  Ed McMahon died earlier this week.  Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson died yesterday…

And also a man named Zared Zajicek.  You may be asking "Who was that?" I never heard of him… well  wait, and I’ll tell you.

Let me first say that I don’t personally know any of these people.  Never met Michael, although I remember the sweet child face singing "ABC" on TV and I did see his concert in the 80’s at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN.  Never met Farrah even though I was a faithful watcher of Charlie’s Angels.  Never won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, so Ed never knocked on my door.  And neither did I know Zared. 

Princess asked me yesterday afternoon, why we have children.  What purpose do they serve?  They take away couple time, you don’t get to work, etc.  We talked, and at one point, I asked her if she had ever heard the saying that goes something like "a business executive never wished he had spent more time at the office" 

After hearing that Michael Jackson died, I started thinking about this.  Yes, Jacko was a pop legend.  Yes, he was talented.  Yes, he was immensely popular.  And VERY eccentric.  But… in the end… he was alone and a lonely man.

Ed McMahon was legendary as well.  Know for "Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny" and for being Johnny’s sidekick for… how many years?  I honestly can’t think of Johnny Carson without thinking of Ed McMahon.  But what impact for eternity did Mr. McMahon really contribute.  Yes, he helped Johnny bring humor to our lives but really? 

Farrah… well, what teen boy didn’t you know in the late 70’s that didn’t have a copy of "the" poster hanging in his bedroom?  She was beautiful, she was witty, she was charming.   Her "partner" of 17 years was Ryan O’Neal.  Never married him.  Although I saw yesterday where he was "planning" to ask her once she was able to say yes…(nice save Mr. O’Neal).  I say big deal at this point… Again, she offered the world nothing of eternal value. 

And Zared. You won’t read about Zared’s life on Fox News.  Or hear Rush Limbaugh mention him.  Larry King has never heard of Zared.  But from the little I know of him (which is most likely as much as I really know about the other 3 people I wrote of) he was a man that was loved.  Zared was a young man of 23.  Newly married.  And had all of life ahead of him.  His new wife stayed by his side in the hospital while he fought for his life in the ICU after he fell off a roof earlier this week.   (You can read his story here  ).   His family and friends obviously adored him. 

Again, I am reminded of people like Heather Davis’s beloved Eric.  David and Marsha Drews young son, Christian.   Joseph, a father of six precious children whose mother was called home a few months ago.  And many other’s whose names will never be mentioned in Hollywood, or New York City, or by Rush, or Lary King… but whose names are engraved in the book of life for all of eternity.   

It really brings things into perspective.  What is really important?  Being know for inventing the moonwalk, wearing one white sparkly glove, "Thriller"  "Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny," being beautiful, posing in a provacative red bathing suit on a poster for all the teen boys with raging hormones to hang on their bedroom walls?

Or being a follower of the One True God.  Leaving family and friends behind that will mourn you because they knew you, not because you were some pop icon.  But because they really knew you and loved you. 

So which of these three were the "real" legend????

Just something to think about…


5 thoughts on “The Death of a Legend

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog because of Zared. I too did not know him personally, but my family and I have been praying for him since his fall. I heard of him through my friend Marsha Drew. I have never met her either, but have been friends through this blog site for quite some time. I do not know why all of this happened to Zared and his beloved wife, but I do know that God is good! He has a purpose for everything! Thank you for your thoughts!


  2. Thank you so much for mention Zared. He was a great guy with teddy bear eyes and a big heart. He may not have sold millions of half naked pictures, carried around big checks or moon walked but he meant a lot to many people. He was a good pilot and passionate about his work and a sweet friend. I am sure he is kicking back in his Carharts watching us all make a fuss.


  3. Thank you so much for this! I am Zared's sister, Zalina. This is just beautiful! I will truly miss him for he was a great man. Although I miss him greatly and will NEVER get over his death, I am thankful that I know that I will see him again in heaven. For we know that all things work together for good for those who love the the Lord! Thank you for this, we want to frame this and use it at his viewing!


  4. I am honored…please feel free to use this at Zared's viewing… I look forward to the day when I can meet him in heaven.


  5. Your words are so true. It's so sad these people died but money, looks and fame won't get one into heaven.
    Thanks for posting this.


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