We Can Save the Planet!!!!!!

Shane sent me this article yesterday.   The basic premise is that if we have even fewer children, we can reduce the carbon footprint and save the planet!  So, if we have less than the 1.2 children we are already having in this country, then, what are we gonna save it for?  All the animals that will evolve in millions of years, so they can breath fresh air?  I don’t believe I have seen anything more ridiculous in a long time. 

In other words, this article is saying… Let’s kill all the humans so the animals can breath fresh air. 

Sometimes I think God forgot to give some people their brain…nuf said.


8 thoughts on “We Can Save the Planet!!!!!!

  1. Ugh comes to mind, along with the rolling of my eyes.
    God gave people their brains–they are just choosing to ignore them…..
    He made people the crowning glory for our wonderful, sustainable planet. How sad to place people at the bottom of the "importance pile". These people should realize that THEY, too, are important to God. May their eyes be opened.
    How typical of the enemy to choose to hit the very same spots as God's vision. God wants His people to have MANY descendants. The enemy uses lies to convince us that many descendants are bad. How sad. We can fight against his schemes by following all the Lord's plans wholeheartedly.
    Jill J


  2. Hello! Thank you so much for coming by my blog and giving me all of your good advice. I would love to discuss it with you more!


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  3. Without God, we are all left to our own foolishness.

    What a wicked, foolish world we live in! There is an overabundance of ignorance in the world.


  4. I have not read the article yet, but I would say from what you have said, that it is a suggestion that people have less children as a way to save the planet. That is not ignorant, it is a fact and only a suggestion. Less people equals less waste.

    I have 4 children, I would never give them up. There are other ways to be green and not everyone will choose to have children. Some people make the choice not to have any children, which is perfectly fine for them and all the more for me 🙂



  5. The link was not broken, it had expired. The link was valid when I placed it there 6 weeks ago. I guess that happens sometimes.

    Basically it said that the world is overpopulated and we need to stop having children… yes less waste… and extinction for the human race. Doing all we can to save the animals, propogating that animals are equal to humans, spending millions of (my tax) dollars to keep animals in danger of extinction from going extinct, yet these days news includes a "suggestion" that people have less children. In my opinion, this is ignorant! (If you look, population all over the world is down, it takes more than 1.2 children per couple to maintain the population we have, the human race is in danger of extinction already). Led to the logical conclusion, if we all have less children, we will have no humans. But then there won't be anymore people to mess it up either.

    On the other hand, maybe the people making this "suggestion" are better off treating their dogs like children instead of having the real thing.



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