Our Summer in a Short

We have been busy this summer.  We spent some time in Illinois earlier this year with my cousin and his family.  We were able to visit at the church that James Mcdonald pastors and had a wonderful time of fellowship with them.  Then over to the Creation Museum, A short trip to Branson, 4th of July with about 50 people at our home,  a vacation to Nebraska–yes, Nebraska.  There are actually several things to see there.  Several overnight guests –LOVE it!  And weekends busy with friends.  Lots of fun.  

A couple of weeks ago, the older three started acting classes with a smaller group.  They are doing Mary Poppins and Bubba gets to play Burt.  Princess gets to play Mrs. Banks.  Little Bit is in a different class learning dance moves and tumbling.  And they are all taking violin classes.  I get to chase Sweet Cheeks while they have fun 🙂 

Little Bit was supposed to have cleft-palate repair surgery on the 18th of this month, but he started coughing the Monday before, so we postponed it, until December. 

I often get asked if Sweet Cheeks is 5 or 6 years old.  Those of you that know her story, must also know that getting that questions warms my heart when I think about how close to death’s door she was early in life, and how tiny she still was when she came home to us.  I often think of her birthmother and wish I could tell her how much we enjoy our precious daughter.

Speaking of Sweet Cheeks, she has recently discovered her shadow.  It’s funny to watch her.  "can I wave?" can I touch it?" She also is beginning to love playing with her Dolly.  It’s fun to watch her growing up…she’s still keeping us on our toes.     

Bubba turned 10 last week!  Yikes…can’t hardly believe it.  Seems like yesterday he was so little, and now he’s so grown up.  We built a chicken house earlier this summer.  Bought laying hens, just sold them.  And the chicks came yesterday…about 27 of them…

Princess…she turned 13 this summer…another Yikes here!  She is growing into such a wonderful young lady.  Taller than me now.