Feb 16, 2006 Some Good News on the Adoption Journey

We heard a bit of good news today about the young man we know, and are hoping to adopt. Effective immediatly, he is to have no further contact with his birthmother (BM). You may be saying “this is good news?” Yes it is–considering she has made plans several times to pick him up the last few weeks and has shown up only once. It breaks his heart every time she doesn’t show up. This also means that the court (and the workers) are realizing that BM is really not interested in having this young man back.

There is a hearing set for next Tuesday, the 21st. Several things could happen that day, including BM relinquishing rights, judge terminating rights, or anything in between. He has been in states custody for around 3 years now–with no certainty, and no parents of his own. Hopefully, BM will realize that reliquishing her rights is the most loving thing she could do at this point for her son. No child should have to live as he is living now. He needs to have stability and a forever home. Whether it’s with us, or with someone else.

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Feb. 17, 2006 – Praying….
Posted by UnschoolingMama (IP Not Logged)
We call those “Happy-Sad” moments in our home. When a birth mother just can’t get it together, we are sad. When she is terminated/ relinquishes, we are happy…. these children MUST be allowed to move on.

May the Lord fill your house to overflowing!!!
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Feb. 18, 2006 – Untitled Comment
Posted by jammyphoto (IP Not Logged)
Praying here for this young man, and the entire process, and God’s will to be accomplished soon as possible in regards to the adoption. He is blessed to have your family on his side, and I hope he can be placed with you and enjoy a rock solid family life that no one can take from him very soon!
Love & Hugs,