We attended the Missouri Right to Life banquet last week.  This was the first banquet I had attended in several years.  It was good to see the crowd.  It was good to know we’re not alone in this issue.  Jack Cashill spoke.  He spoke about the media and many others that TABETTO.  For those of you that do not know what that is… (and unless you were there, you won’t)  It stands for Turning a Blind Eye to the Obvious.  

He was talking specifically about abortion, about how 300,000+ people can show up in D.C. for the Life March in January, 2 days after the inauguration and not one liberal media outlet reported it.  Want proof… go to Jack’s website and order "Thine Eyes."  Proof is in the video. 


I have been chewing on this for the last week and have come up with many areas where people TABETTO…here are just a few…

It is obvious that a Christian has no business attending movies like Harry Potter and New Moon. 

It is obvious that child protective services does NOT protect children…

It is obvious that a Believer, adult or child, has no place in a government school…  

It is obvious that abortion is murder

It is obvious that the government cannot run private industry… Chevy found that out the hard way.

It is obvious that the government cannot run healthcare either…but I don’t want to find that out the hard way!

It is obvious that homosexuality is a sin…just as drunkeness, fornication, anger, lying etc are sins…

It is obvious that the media worships Obama and disdains those that stand up for truth…

It is obvious that truth cannot be relative! 

It is obvious that by seperating ourselves into "African-Americans" "Native-Americans" etc. we are only causing more racism

It is obvious that God created… how else can one REALLY explain how and why everything in this universe works the way it does…Yea, I know "big bang" that’s why when a coke can explodes, it piles itself up into one neat place waiting to be cleaned up instead of saturating everything within it’s radius with sticky goop…random chaos cannot create order!


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  1. Wow I have missed reading your blog! Very great post! I agree with you, you are just better putting into words what is just a bunch of unorginized thoughts in my head! I am going ask my husband to read this! Thank you for not being affraid to say it like it is!Edited by Kristal on Dec. 14, 2009 at 8:43 PM


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