Some Recent Random Thoughts in My Head on “Healthcare”

There have been so many thoughts rolling around in my head since congress illegally passed the wonderful “healthcare” bill that the majority of American’s did NOT want.

* My first thoughts go to the founding fathers of our country, many of whom suffered to stand up for our freedom that has been stolen, and wonder what they would be saying, if they could speak from the grave.

*A close second is of all the men and women that sacrificed their lives to maintain said freedom…THANK YOU for all of you who have or are serving our country, and THANK YOU if you have lost a great-grandfather, grandfather,  father, mother, son or daughter while they were defending our freedom.  I’m extremely sorry that their deaths may have been in vain.

*Wondering if and when there will be before a 2nd revolution/civil war/overthrow? Or if Americans have the guts to do it.  We have a short memory..esp. when history is re-written…and many don’t know the truth.

*praying that no fool will decide to attempt to or succeed in assassinating  the worst President in our country’s history — he would then be hailed as a  matyr

*HOW can a bill that “the people” did not want get passed.  Okay, I really know the answer to this…politicians that don’t give a rip about what their constituents want!  They think we are stupid and we’ve proved it, by allowing this to happen….we’re the frogs, and the pot is getting hotter…

* If Fidel Castro likes it, it MUST BE REALLY, REALLY  bad!

* Keep the $1000 and one year extention of the adoption tax credit and GIVE US OUR FREEDOM!  And this coming from one that has benefited from the tax credit 4 times.

* what’s the next thing they’ll target?  Homeschooling?  We are the enemy because they can’t brainwash us in the government ran schools…

*November is too far away… many will forget by then…

*Wondering if the fools that voted for the man occupying the White House are sorry now yet…and if they’re not WHAT will it take for them to be sorry?  Is the the CHANGE you were hoping to have?  I pray not!

*Wondering what would happen if it was determined that said man occupying the White House was not legally the President of this country

*more than anything remind myself that God is still on His throne and His throne is bigger than Obama or any of his czars…and I am excited to see how He will glorify Himself in all this


One thought on “Some Recent Random Thoughts in My Head on “Healthcare”

  1. Very well said. Many are afraid to take the stand, but that is why we are free today. If people weren't willing to stand up for what they believe and ignore the fear of being accepted we might be in a better place. People are so ignorant when it comes to history and government. I am fearful also that all will be forgotten in November.

    I pray daily that Obama doesn't destroy the freedom in this country with "the changes" he has promised.


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