Homeschool Conference Overlaoad and Pendragon: The Movie

We’ve been on a whirlwind lately.  We left March 30th for Knoxville to visit my family.  Bubba got a special treat at Uncle and Aunt’s house…he played his great Grandpa’s fiddle!  I’ll try to upload a picture later.

After Knoxville, we headed to Cincinnati for our annual trek to the Creation Museum.  It also coincided with the Midwest homeschool conference.  WOW!  Huge! Huge! Huge!  Fabulous speakers, incredible vendors.  Held in the Expo center in downtown Cincy.  My favorite lecture was given by David Gibbs, who was the lead attorney for the Schindler’s in the Teri Shiavo case 5 years ago.  Mr. Gibbs has written a fabulous book detailing what the mainline media didn’t tell you.  The book was riveting and I couldn’t put it down.  I finished it Sunday evening on the trip home.  It brought back all the sad and heartbreaking memories of that terrible time in our nation’s history where an innocent woman was killed at the hands so her so called loving husband and a judge with an agenda!  I highly recommend the book.

My children loved hearing Jim Weiss and we brought home several of his CD’s.  They also enjoyed Susan Wise-Bauer and we brought home her 4 part sessions on Medevial History.  We didn’t make it to hear Doug Philips, Andrew Pudewa, Catherine Levison or any of the other great speakers there.  So many great lectures, too little time. Special treat… got to see Tim Hawkins.  He ended up doing 3 concerts to packed out rooms.  Total count I think 13,000 people NOT counting vendors!  Yes! It’s big!

So we got home a week ago tonight and headed for North Kansas City Thursday night to be ready for the Midwest Parent Educators homeschool conference.  After being in Cincy, it seemed small but was excellent nonetheless.  Heard fantastic lessons from Andrew Pudewa and John Stonestreet.  Also enjoyed running into old friends and making new ones.

One of our newest traditions seems to be buying great family friendly movies at the conference.  Last year we brought home “The Widow’s Might”  This year “Pendragon”  If you have not seen it, you MUST!  This movie proves that you can have an action movie without blood and gore and also had some great stunts and special effects for a film in it’s class.


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  1. I found out about the midwest conference just a few days before it began. I think I'm going to plan on going to next year's! It looks like the best one around. Thanks for the update!


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