Adoption: The Selfless Choice

We were recently asked to speak at a fundraiser for a Crisis Pregnancy Center in the Lake of the Ozarks area.  Bubba spoke for the children, I followed, and Shane wrapped up.  At the end of the banquet, the children sang “Jesus Loves Me” to a dazzled audience.   I wanted to share the text from what Bubba and I had to say.  I am especially proud of my sweet 10 year old blessing…

Adoption: One of the greatest things for pregnant, unmarried women by  Bubba

In America many woman get pregnant, OUT of wedlock.

A lot of these women have been told that when they get pregnant they should abort their baby, since its not alive yet and they go to an abortion clinic to have their baby aborted.

It is one of the most dirty tricks played by doctors.

They convince women that “ it’s not even alive. It’s just an embryo!”

That is a total LIE!

It is by God’s power that all of my siblings and I were adopted.  We are happy to tell all of you, and we are all glad to be in our adoptive family.

People come up to my mom and say “ you must have your hands full” and my mom tells them “ We would love to have more!”

I hope all of the unmarried pregnant women will choose life rather than death for their child, and that they will choose to put their child up for adoption where their child can have a Mom and a Dad.

Giving their child life is the best choice they could ever make.

Every Child is a Chosen Child

God has chosen to create each child that is ever conceived.

In a perfect world, children would be conceived and born into a loving home with a Dad and a Mom.  However, this is not a perfect world, and God allows children to be conceived in circumstances that are less than perfect…

There are some in the world that would say abortion is the best “choice” for the mother in such a situation, implying by default that death is better than life for that child.     I say those people are WRONG!!!!

I say the blessing of adoption is a great choice for a birthmother.  In fact, I believe giving a child the blessing of a mother AND a father, AND a loving, stable home is the most selfless choice a birthmother can make.

As adoptive parents, we are often told how “wonderful” we are because we’ve adopted our children.  But I tell those people that the blessings go both ways.

We recently watched the movie “The Blindside” There is a scene where Mrs. Tuoe is eating an overpriced salad with her “friends” after Christmas.  As they’re discussing Michael, one of the ladies makes the statement that Mrs. Tuoe is “changing that boys life”.

I LOVE Mrs. Tuoe”s reply.  She simply says, “He’s changing mine.”

And that’s the honest truth.  Our children have changed our lives, Our children were chosen and created by God the Father to be conceived in less than ideal circumstances.  Their birthmothers made the choice to give our children life.  To be selfless and bless us with the children they were unable to raise as their own.

And,  we have all been changed….