Barren = Punishment

The following was a comment left on a blog I read. This entry was quotes of Scripture regarding the womb. I believe the blog entry in no way reflects the following comment however, this is where the author of the comment jumped:

“I love all the scripture about our wombs. I was recently reading about King David and how he was dancing before the Lord in worshipful abandonment. Well I must have missed it in the past but…………..the scriptures go on to say how Michal his wife is watching her husband with scorn and despised him in her heart…………..and her punishment for not supporting her husband? For not being a helpmeet? She was barren. “  (bold and italics mine)

So I’m wondering what this woman is saying…

Is she saying those of us with wombs closed are being punished by God? 

Quite honestly, this is something I struggled with in the past.  I lived a sinful lifestyle before God saved me.  I have wondered my closed womb was God’s punishment for that lifestyle. However, after much prayer and study,  I have come to the conclusion that my barren womb is not a punishment, but maybe a consequence of my sinful past. 

But I’ve also come to the conclusion that God has blessed my womb…

He has chosen to bless it through adoption.  Praise Him for those precious blessings!