In America Maybe… but Not Around the World.

Ithink sometimes as Christians we forget that America is a unique country. I have been thinking much on a series of conversations I had with an aquaintance recently.

This person made the assumption that it is God’s A Plan that a baby stay with the biological mother.  Always.  It’s only when the biological mother “pawns off her responsibility” on someone else that God puts Plan B into action.

It might be easy to say that a child is born to a particular “mother” is meant to stay with that mother in this country. Food is fairly easy to get, clean water is easy to get. Clothing is easy to get. Of course, you also have abuses here like physical and sexual abuse. Children yanked from the only home they’ve ever known in the blink of an eye. Ruined, in many cases, ever to have another peaceful moment in their lives. Dead in some cases, yes, in this country!  And in some cases, God works miracles and these precious children are taken in, and loved by adoptive parents.

But in other worlds…it’s not so easy. Sweet Cheeks almost starved in her home country of Liberia, West Africa. Apparently, it wasn’t God’s will. It was His will that she be with us, because He worked out all the hurdles. Did her birthmother “pawn” her off on us? NO! She saved her daughter’s life!

IF one really feels that adoption is God’s plan B, because the birthmother pawns off her responsibility to the adoptive family, then, to me, the logical conclusion is that it shouldn’t matter if the birthmother wants to abort the baby either. After all, God has given the birthmother the responsibilty and maybe that birthmother believes the child would be better off dead.

Am I being harsh? Maybe. Am I making a logical conclusion out of an illogical argument? I think so.