A New Twist on Socialization

IF I still have readers… you may know that my husband, Shane, works for a Christian Radio Network, based in the midwest with stations all over the country.

Yesterday, he brought home an interesting piece of news that you will most likely NOT hear on any news source.  This came over the fax from a private company called Missouri News Service.

Apparently government school officials and psychologists “in Missouri and elsewhere” are just realizing something that most of homeschoolers already know.

Many government school children are not properly socialized.

In fact, they say, that some children “could use a little help with the simplest interpersonal skills, like greeting a new person or carrying on a casual conversation”   The text of the radio spot goes on to say that “The National Association of School Psychologists now includes social skills classes in its recommended curriculum.  In the past, such training was reserved only for students with diagnosed problems such as autism, but therapist Kristen Wynns (www.wynnsfamilypsychology.com )  says now more and more children are lacking the skills they need.”

There is even a program developed by a dad that wanted to help his son, so he took his business experience and developed Boostkids.  It is now available for use in schools, or in the home.   And has been featured on fox news

So… this is NEW information???  I don’t think so.  I was governmentally educated in the 70’s and 80’s and I have a hard time carrying on a casual conversation… especially with someone that I don’t know very well.  And no, I don’t have a “diagnosed problem.”  I was socialized with peers my own age… we talked about our Holly Hobby metal lunchboxes, or in later years, boys!.

I can talk about the weather with about anyone but come on… how many times can you talk about the weather with some one?

Now, my children?  They can carry on a coversation with a tree… well okay not really… but close.


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