New Home Schooler

I have been very blessed to talk to several new homeschooling families in the last few weeks.  I have enjoyed talking to most of these Mom’s and Dad’s and Grandma’s very much!  It gets me excited and reminds me WHY we home educate our children.

But recently, I received a phone call from a potential new homeschooler that on one hand was very disturbing …and very telling  on the other.

This was a Mom that had recently changed districts and the new district isn’t one of the better districts (IF there is such a thing).  And she didn’t want her daughter didn’t want to attending government school in the new district.  She is entering the 11th grade this year.

This mom had NO understanding of home education.  She had not researched the law, methods, support groups or anything.  But she had called the government school and asked for information on homeschooling.   While I’ve been told that many government schools have information on home education, that is the LAST place I’d want to get information on my God-given, parental right to keep my child from being indoctrinated…. oh but HOW I’m digressing….

This Mom was thinking that there would be one set cirriculm for all homeschool students, she was overwhelmed with the thought of her child not being able to get accepted into college with a non-accreditted diploma… I promptly informed her that the KC school district is not accreditted and she was extremely surprised.   I tried to explain that many colleges/universities seek homeschool grads, but what I was saying wasn’t sinking in…I could hear the fear and tripidation in her voice.  Finally I offered my hubby…successful, socialized homeschool grad that he is.  He was able to calm her a little, but the poor lady was still overwhelmed….

Her last question was the most shocking to me…

“And then I turn those records over to the school district?”

I’m sure you can imagine my reaction.

“NO! You NEVER turn your records to the school district!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now, here’s the really, really, really sad part.  The system was so engrained in this Mom’s headthat she could not think outside the government box and get it.   She was expecting the government to continue spoon feeding her the information she’d need to keep her daughter home.

Will she end up home educating?  I really don’t know…but I am truly sad at the fact that this seemingly intelligent woman had been indoctrinated so much by our government that she could not realized that she has every right, to home educate her child in the manner that would best suit her child.