Children Won’t be Children

At elementary prisons schools in Cabell County, West Virginia, children will no longer be allowed to be children.  I should recant that statement because children will always be children, but they will not be able to swing at recess on the school playground.  Apparently,  “the cost of maintaining a safe surface is too expensive.”

How many of you have ever jumped as high as you can from a swingset and jumped?

Yep, just as I thought… every one of you…

How many of you got injured doing stupid child like things when you were a child????

Yep, just as I thought… many of you.

Final question. For those that are left.  Maybe not every one of you broke an arm or needed stitches, but how about a scrapped knee?

Yep!  That covered every one.

How many of your parents were dumb enough to sue the school when you broke your arm, or fell on the driveway of the school while carrying your Holly Hobby metal lunchbox, on the way to said playground (which, btw, was asphalt) and needed several stitches?

None you say?  That’s what I thought.

Our government prisons schools have done such a wonderful job filling our children with self-esteem, and social skills over the past 2 decades, that those graduates now take no responsibility for parenting their own children.

Isn’t that the goals of government prisons schools?  The administrators should be happy…they’ve accomplished their goal in a relatively short amount of time.

Thank God that there are those of us that refuse to follow the status quo and home educated our children to be responsible for their own actions.


2 thoughts on “Children Won’t be Children

  1. In our local elementary school the children are no longer allowed to swing high nor are they allowed to jump off in mid-air. They are no longer permitted to push each other on the swings, either.

    I remember in my youth we had a plethora of dangerous items or we were permitted to do “life-threatening” things at recess:

    Wooden seesaws (We used to jump off them when we were on the ground so the person on top would crash – bad, I know, but it was great fun at the time :)) Now those seesaws are on springs and NO fun at all!

    Wooden swings (I had been hit in the face more times than I could count and not once did my parents sue! In fact they told ME to stop being stupid – I deserved it :lol:)

    Climbing trees at recess was a great pasttime for us. Our public schools say “NO” to that!

    We were allowed to climb on top of the jungle gym and hang upside down – that is no longer permitted because of sue-happy parents.

    How about those thermoses with glass liners? I was always dropping my thermos and I’d have to go without my soup or drink at lunch time.

    I agree that we have become a generation of “let’s sue for this or that”. It is quite unfortunate, really. We have become so sterile in everything we do!

    I am glad I homeschool – my children can swing as high as they want and jump off the swings – they can climb trees – they can climb on top of the jungle gym – they can run UP the slide – all without fear of being reprimanded by the principal!



  2. This reminds of the time my oldest son was in the third grade in public school. He was sitting in the sand, digging. Another, much larger, boy was running and accidently ran into my son, causing him to fall over backward, hitting his head on the sidewalk.

    You wouldn’t believe how many apologies I received from the principal, the teacher, the nurse, even the lady at the front desk. Everyone offering their most sincere apologies! I kept reassuring them everything was fine, accidents happen, and what happened to my son was nobody’s fault. They were afraid I would sue everybody involved!

    We have become quite the strange society! 🙂


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