Feminism Foiled Again

This comic strip is great!  God made little girls to want to be caregivers.  God made little boys to want to be protectors.  Then sin entered the world…

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true.  Most little girls want to play house and wear pretty dresses, many little boys want to play cops and robbers or, cowboys and indians (yes!  I know VERY PC, but I’ve never been much for PC and absolutely abhor the term “American-________, but that’s a post for another day).  If boys are not given toy guns, they find a way…and will use their fingers or a graham cracker if not given the real deal. Traditionally, men have always been the protectors, and providers.  Traditionally, women have always been the caregivers. 

Unfortunately, the mantra of the day seems to be to do what ever is opposite of God’s design for… well, God’s design for anything. 

But you can’t take that desire away…women, feminist women, are desiring to stay home with their babies, men, that claim to be homosexual, still want to ride motorcycles. 

Yes, I know there will be crossover, I have known women that wanted to hunt, I myself enjoy fishing and one of these days, I still want to go road racing at Road Atlanta… probably a dream that will die with me…as I’m very far removed from anyone in my “other life” that has connections.  Oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she????   My Bubba loves to cook and can fix a mean pancake, he also likes to decorate cakes.  But his desire is to be a husband and father. 

On a side note, what mother in her right mind would suggest that her child go into law inforcement????  I can’t think of anyone I know that would suggest her son or daughter be a police officer… it’s a dangerous job!


One thought on “Feminism Foiled Again

  1. Those are some great points! I am a girly girl, but I still like to hunt, fish, etc. I think that you can do what people consider “manly” stuff and still not be a full blown feminist. 😛


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