Out of the Mouths…

Last evening I had the opportunity to tag along with a friend.  We went to a government school meeting with the Executive Director of Special Services of one of the larger school districts in our area.   The goal of the meeting was for the Director to share what services the district could offer to special needs homeschool students that live in the district.  Mr. Director was a very nice, personable man.  And in a different life, I could have liked him.

This meeting was very informative and gave me lots of things I could write about (and I may yet)…however, there is ONE thing that Mr. Director said that popped out at both my friend and I, that I am compelled to write about. 

Mr. Director was explaining that the district offers it’s services to the 2 private schools within the bounds of the district.  And that they offer those same services to the home school families.  Although he “doesn’t know why” home school families haven’t taken advantage of those services. 

I can tell him why… in order for a home school student to receive said services, they must be dually enrolled in the government school.  Furthermore, in general, home school families don’t want the government school intervention.  That’s a no brainer and Mr. Director appeared smart enough to be able to figure that out. 

But, back to the topic at hand.  Mr. Director’s therapists actually travel to the private schools in the district to provide the services to the children that need them.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  It warms my heart to know that the “officials” are so concerned about ALL the students in their district. 

However, he slipped…he used ONE word that said volumes about the true intent of the districts concern…

Here  is his word,

95% of their “business” in private schools is speech therapy.   

 Just in case you didn’t get that, the word is   BUSINESS!

 The government school is all about business… it’s not about services, it’s not about the “kids” but about drumming up more “business” for the district…

  It was at this point that my friend and I both realized that Mr. Director was a fabulous salesman pitching his wares…

Further proof of what I already knew… it’s all about the almighty dollar…


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