Well, Well… Look Here

The internet is a great place to find a lot of interesting information.  Today my friend, the same one that went with me to the school district meeting, has been doing some research.  I’d like to share what she found…

First I need to tell you, dear reader, that Missouri has one of, if not the best home education laws in the country.  The only time a family must make contact with an official is IF their child has ever been enrolled in the government school.  Then only a withdrawl letter must be submitted.  There are no tests to take, no notice of intent to file, no records turned in, no setting up a private school.  Nothing, nada… fantastic for home educating families!

So, my friend and I attended this meeting last night, and it got her gears turning.   One of the websites that Mr. Director metioned was the Missouri DESE website.  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, for those of you that are as dumb as I am when it comes to the government education websites.    So my friend, sent me an interesting link a little while ago.

I thought I’d share. The link is to a document on the Missouri DESE  that outlines the necessity for each family of each home school special ed student receiving services to file a written notice of intent in order for Missouri schools to get their money.

Don’t believe me?

Read it for yourself:

“Parents are not required to submit this declaration.  However, in order to count a student as home schooled for the purposes of Core Data screen 15 entry, the district must have received the WRITTEN declaration for the CURRENT year from the parents indicating their intent to home school the child.  During on-site Special Education Fiscal Verification reviews which will begin in the current fiscal year (for a selected number of school districts), the number of CURRENT year written declarations of home school enrollment must equal the number of home schooled students submitted by the district on screen 15.”

“The home school count is used as part of the calculation for determining a district’s Federal Part B Allocation for special education.

Now, if that’s not enough for you, look at this line…

“The declaration should include: the name and age of each child attending the home school, the address and telephone number of the home school, the name of each person teaching in the home school, and the name, address, and signature of each person making the declaration of enrollment.  Each declaration should be kept on file as back-up documentation for the reported data.”

The content of the above paragraph should SCARE THE SOCKS OFF OF YOU!

Now, you might think sacrificing this information is no big deal.  And I pray that you are right…however, IF the laws ever change, anyone who files this information is in TROUBLE with a capital TROUBLE!

Missouri DOES NOT require a notice of intent, and HSLDA and FHE (Families for Home Education) do not recommed dual (or partial) enrollment.  IF a child is receiving services at a state run prison,  institution, at least in the district who’s meeting we attended last evening, they are considered by the district to be dually (or partially) enrolled.

You may ask why I am interested, all the sudden in the special needs home school community.  I have a son that was almost forced by NJ state to enter into government school because he has a cleft-palate and “needs to be publically educated until he is 18” according the the social worker that was assigned to his case before he came home to us.

I have also seen government school children, who are not home educated, get treated like garbage by those “wonderful” officials that are supposed to care so much.  Oh how I so wish those parents would yank their child out of those school and educated them at home.

If you have a special needs child, there are more than enough resources and ways around the need to use government schools to get the services that your child needs.

Please, I BEG you, PLEASE, do not subject yourself or your precious child to the government.   HSLDA has an entire department devoted to helping special needs parents, as does NATTHAN, and most likely your local or state organization can point you in the right direction.