Home Ed is it for Everyone?

There I said it!


I’m one of those.

One of those that thinks nearly all Christians should be home educating their children.  (there might be a rare case where it is not in the best interest of the family).

Today, I heard someone described themselves as “not a homeschool fanatic”  because this person has children that are home educated and children that are in government school…

I had just come fom having lunch with our region’s director in our state  homeschool organization.  Who, like me, is a home educting fanatic.

Long ago, my husband shared the history of home education with me…the homeschooling veterans put their children and families on the line for YOUR right to home educate your children, much like the men in centuries past secured the freedoms we enjoy in America today.

Many parents don’t know or remember the sacrifice these veterans made…but I’m married to a child of a homeschool veteran.  I’m married toone of the first modern day homeschool graduates.  I have access to first hand knowledge of children being removed from their homes for “abusing their children because they removed their child from school to homeschool them.”

I was told today by a reliable source, that the homeschooling still has a “code” on the list of codes for abuse.

I have very little tolerance for those that think dual enrollment is home education.

I have little tolerance for those that take their children in and out of government schools like yo-yo’s.

Judgemental?  You may think so…

Standing strong for what I believe?  Most certainly YES!

And I’m praying ferverently that you’re “right” to do those things will not ruin my right, or my children’s rights, or my grandchildren’s rights, in the future to home educate their children.

If you are involved in a program that is in partnership with the government school, please DON’T call yourself a home educator!

Because quite frankly, you are not!

You are the parent of a government school student enrolled in an at home program.

If you are dually- enrolled for special needs services, you are telling your school district that you are unable to provide what your child needs… and therefore telling them that YOU can’t do it without them!

If you yo-yo your children in and out of government school, you’re doing yourself, your child and the school a disservice and again, you’re putting my right to home educated my children in danger.

I refuse to sell my soul to the devil for a computer, or fancy “tool” for my art student, speech therapy, or anything else the government school has to offer any of my children.

And if you choose to do it, I have no qualms to tell you that you’re wrong.  Call me judgemental… I don’t care…

You’re putting my rights in danger by exercising your right and it’s my right to say so!


One thought on “Home Ed is it for Everyone?

  1. I enjoyed reading this as I’ve often thought about the dual enrollment. It appears to be a good option, but mostly I’ve felt it as a way for “them” to get their hands on my kids. Part of our homeschool reason is so they aren’t immersed in that environment at such a young and impressionable age. They learn enough just from where we go now!


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