This morning, I checked in with FB, as I often always do.  One of my friends asked about what her friends had for dinner on Saturday.  The Legend of Asia, in a nearby town was mentioned.  A conversation continued about what a great Chinese buffet this was.  Since Chinese is one of my favorite foods, and a buffet is even better, I googled it and found some great reviews, although it is a little pricey for a Chinese buffet. 

As I’m googling, I find a couple of websites that gave me a chuckle.  One guy posted back in 2007 that he had just moved from South Florida to the KC metro and was looking for a good sushi bar.  Here is his exact quote that made me chuckle: 

(the quality of fish is definately not as good as where I am from, then again, there doesn’t seem to be as many sushi places here, in Florida we actually have better quality fish at our sushi buffets :/ )

DUH!  We’re in the midwest dude!  Of course the quality of fish isn’t going to be as good as it was when you live RIGHT BY THE OCEAN!  So, the thread continues, and the folks make their recommendations… sure hope the boy found some decent sushi out here in the midwest…

take note, the boy didn’t ask about the best places to eat  BBQ…

The second website is a blog.  I’m assuming Sarah is a 20something woman.  She’s a newlywed and had never cooked a whole chicken until last week.    So I imagine some grace should be given.  But her “reviews” left me shaking my head. 

Sarah rates area restaurants that she and where her husband have dined.  Let me just start out saying that one of  her favorite restaurant’s is Olive Garden.  Now, I like Olive Garden.  In fact, Shane and I ate there while the children spent a couple of days last week with the children.  But I can think of much better Italian restaurants in the KC metro area.   What I thought was funny, was that McCormick and Schmick’s  (THE premeire seafood restaurant in KC)   only recieved a “3” from Sarah.   Now, I’ve eaten at McCormick and Schmicks and trust me, the food is well above a “3”  Her rating for Applebee’s was “5” because they have a fabulous dessert… and Golden Coral got a “4”  Oh yikes, “very impressed” with Golden Coral… yeah, most grandparents I know are “very impressed” with Golden Coral too. 

BTW, here’s Sarah’s rating scale:

1– Poorest experience of all time
2– Ok, but nothing to write home about
3– Pretty good overall, may go back again
4– Definately will return, very impressed
5– One of Sarah or Thoric’s favorites

It looks as if Sarah rated her food based on the prices of the meals, not on the actual quality of the food.  Because given the opportunity, if price wasn’t an issue, I’d be eating at McCormick and Schmick’s much more often that I have done to date.

Just goes to show that anyone can make themselves into an expert in any area on a blog…whether they’re qualified…. or not.