The Curve Ball Part 1

Every now and then life throws us one…

Life threw us a curve ball.

Okay, we all know it wasn’t life. It was an all-knowing, all-powerful, Sovereign God of the Universe. The One that knows us better than we know ourselves.

So, maybe I should say that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan.

I can certainly think of others who have gone on before for whom life didn’t go as planned:

Moses, Job, Abraham, Esther, are a few that come to mind. However, God worked out His purposes for their lives, so I have to believe that He is doing the same in mine.

Have I got you wondering what I’m talking about?


Let me start at near the beginning.

I had no idea what homeschooling was until I met Shane. Had not even heard the word before. The night I met him, he was wearing one of the shirts with the names of all the famous people on it “and me” I to the bait and asked, “and you what?” So he explained… and the rest was history…

I went to my first homeschool Moms meeting about 3 years before I had children. We went to a conference with the folks from Elijah Company (I sure miss their products) about that same time. We were given To Train Up a Child long before the children came. And had been getting the Pearls little black and while newsletter since then. The year would have been somewhere around 1995. I had also read Bunny Wilson’s book Liberated Through Submission and a couple others like it. Along with Mary Pride’s The Way Home and All The Way Home.

I was ready!

Ready to be the wife God wanted me to be!

Ready to be the mother I had always dreamed of being!

Princess came along, and I did everything right. Life was good. She was so easy and compliant for the most part…

Then Bubba came along. I was still doing everything right. But he was a bit more headstrong and active than Princess. But we were plugging along. Still getting the Pearls publication, only by now it had changed…it was printed in color now.

After that Foxboy came along…and blew everything that every book, or magazine, or newsletter I had read right out of the water.

Our children are adopted.

Foxboy came with 3 years of life as we did NOT know it.

He was angry. He was Angry! He was Angry!!!!!!
Some might think I’m exaggerating. You’ll have to trust my word, because I’m not going to rehash the hell on earth we experienced in our home over the next 4 years.

Foxboy was a curveball. No matter what we tried, we could not get him over the hump.

At that time I was also thrown another curveball. A doctor that, at the present time, I believe wrongly prescribed hormone therapy for some very, very pre-cancerous cells.

I left that doctor, but continued with bio-identical hormone treatment. Because, if the truth be told, I just can’t tell you. There was no reason for me to have continued on this path. I had read Dr. John Lee’s book and “knew” all the stuff in my head. I just wasn’t applying it. It seemed to be an area where God closed my eyes. And I continued on this downward course until about 14 months ago. When I found a 4th doctor that took me off of the troche.

Let me just describe my life as a young woman in her early years as a young woman, with all the hormones working…times about 100! No, not exaggerating! I was a crazy woman and it’s a miracle in and of itself that any of us survived. I had one doctor that actually continued increasing my progesterone… let me just say I was nuts!