Just What are the Children in Government School Learning ADULT EYES ONLY!

This post is intended for parents!  Not for children of any age.  PLEASE abide by my wishes if you are still young and innocent.  For after you read this, you will be less innocent.

I recently subscribed us to a one year free subscription to the AFA Journal. We used to get it a long time ago, and then for some reason we stopped.
Anyway, here’s the point:
An article in the newest issue talks about the s*x education children are receiving in government schools

“How crazy is the school committee in Provincetown, Massachusetts? Crazy enough to institute a policy whereby condoms could be distributed to all students – including those of elementary age – whether or not parents approve.”

“It’s happening elsewhere – like Shenandoah, Iowa, for example. According to Fox News, a co-ed sex education class for eighth graders in that community demonstrated how female exams are performed, how to properly use a c*nd*m, and some of the s*xual positions that kids could use during s*x”

I also received Bubba’s “birthday card” in the mail from Medicaid (which we cannot seem to get off of, even though we only used it when he was first born because of his complications in NICU and have never, ever used again).    This “birthday card” was really a reminder for for what immunizations he “needs”   at 11-12 years, they are “recommending” HPV.  In case you don’t know this is an immunization for a S*xually transmitted disease.   My sweet boy is not even remotely interested in girls, and when we gave him the bare bones, a few months ago, about the subject, he shuddered!  If we even tease about smooching, he gets says gross and gets a strange look on his face.    There is no way my sweet 11 year old NEEDS a vaccination for an STD!

Prayerfully, he will NEVER need that vaccination, as we are teaching him that s*x is for one man married to one woman for life.