No Motivation

This year, I just can’t seem to get motivated for schooling my children in the traditional sense of the word.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re doing lots of school.  Math is an every day subject, copywork, handwriting (alternating days) poetry reading, memory work, Bible reading, acting classes (started last week), lots of outside time climbing trees, bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, before it gets to cold for many outdoor activities.  The boys are doing a Contenders for the Faith club, and Girlie is attempting Keepers, but the girls in the class are older, and she’s just not getting it too well.  I really wanted Princess to be involved, but the girls are much younger than her so I don’t blame her for not wanting to hang around with a bunch of “little girls”  She is 14 afterall, so I completely understand.

We are researching topics of interest, as they come along.  We’ve been to Missouri town for the Fall Festival, Lkay, Shane took the children while I went to the Kansas Speedway with a friend), and to the Cass County Antique Tractor Club’s (I know that ‘s not the exact right name, but it’s something like that) fall days.  VERY cool btw, we saw some of the usual things, apple butter making, apple cider making, weaving, but we also saw the start of the process to make Sorghum Molasses! In all the years of going to fall festivals like this, we’ve NEVER seen this process.  I wish we could have gone back and tried the finished product, but it is an all day affair.  We were in Branson and took in a couple of shows that I’ve counted for music history. I think the Thomas Brothers were amazed that a 14 year old girl could get excited enough to cheer when they sang one of the tunes from Phantom of the Opera.   We’ve made lots of applesauce, apple juice and dried apples.  (we have a couple of apple trees on our property).

But, it’s the getting down to the business of getting to our curriculum  of choice that’s the problem.

We use Ambleside Online for our base curriculum  (why did “they” make that word so HARD to spell correctly).  Although we’re probably not as thorough as we should be, I’ve tried to start English from the Roots Up several years and have not forced myself to teach it yet.

We LOVE Ambleside!!!!!!!  I cannot say that enough!  We LOVE Ambleside!!!!!!!

But I cannot get motivated to read to the children  this year. (we usually read at mealtimes, so Princess and Girlie get in on the reading too).   Bubba is reading some of his assignments  on his own, but is not ready for all the written narrations.  I have adapted the plan slightly so we’re reading the same years work,  Foxboy reads poetry at an earlier year and there are a couple of other changes.  But, this works at our house.

Usually, I love reading to my children.  Talking about what we read, looking at the map on the hallway wall to find where what we read about is located.  But so far….we haven’t read piece one of this years selections!  In fact, there are still a few chapters of one of last years selections to finish

Girlie…  we have accomplished ONE page of her Rod and Staff Kindergarten curriculum.

Princess?  She is well on her way.  I think week 8 or 9 of the 36 week program.  WHOOHOO for Princess!!!

Yes!  I guess you can call me a terrible mother!